Kimladus Vyvisson

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    This is a male human with reddish skin, gray hair, and brown eyes.  He seems poised and alert, with a gray goatee and keen
    brown eyes.  He is known to be a fast-rising star of Galduron's priesthood, revered for his skills at the art of the deal and his 
    quick and savage wit.  He has a few thin wisps of surging radiance and a webwork of sparkling light within and around him.  
       He looks about sixteen dimins tall, five dimins wide, and one and a quarter dimins front to back.   
  • Info
Kimladus is an instructor and responds to the following verbal commands:
   Availability inquiry: Kimladus, what do you teach?
   Cost inquiry:         Kimladus, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
   Instruction request:  Kimladus, teach me <subject(s)>.
  • Trains
 fast talk
  • Notes

on a deaf challenge, will update skills if necessary once I can actually hear what he's saying

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