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If you like to drink, crack skulls, drink, fall down, drink, get into brawls, drink, and drink some more -- the Brute Squad wants you!

You echo, |- I want tooo joooin the Brute Squad -| in beautifully-accented Anglic.
            _                                       _       
      _  _ | |                                     | | _  _ 
     | || || |                                     | || || |
   =H| || || |========nnnn=============nnnn========| || || |H=
     |_||_|| |        |  |             |  |        | ||_||_|
           |_|        /  |             |  \        |_|      
  When you dismember while your target is mortally wounded,      
  you will get a minor increase in endurance and                 
  spell points.                                                  
       --Xekrin Jan 26th 2007                                    
  cap has been removed, headbutt has been changed to a maneuver, 
  help perform headbutt for info.  You now get bonuses for being 
  drunk, a small speed modifier, plus healing and the more drunk 
  you are the longer your bonuses last that kind of thing.  These
  variables are not fully tested and may change without notice,  
  but should provide something of a better quality.              
  Added pump down option, so you can pump up again after getting 
       --Xekrin Jan 29th 2007                                    
You are now a second-degree specialist in carousing and intimidation.
You are now a third-degree specialist in athleticism, brawling, hardiness, massive blow, massive exertion,  
recuperation and stamina.
The tan-skinned male human grins hugely.
The tan-skinned male human asserts, [Great, figure!  Now, here'sh how to be a good Brute...] in  
The tan-skinned male human instructs you in the secrets of Brutishness.


Guild Synopses

The Brute Squad Run by: Fezzik
General Type: Unarmed Combat, brutal bar-brawlers.

Joining Requirements: Int < 90, Str+Vit > 165

We here at the Brutes believe in two things: Drinking beer and fighting. Nothing more to life than that. Beer... and fighting. Drinking beer is important to us. As is fighting.

However, don't think that is all there is to the brute squad. We also enjoy fighting while drinking beer.

Brutes can been seen pumping up their muscles, performing some 'combat techniques' some might call dirty fighting, and ultimately seeking to dismember their opponents. They are by no means the scholarly types, instead, the most intent one will find a brute is when they think about beer.

You, o low-browed one, have joined the Brute Squad, a rowdy group of men and women dedicated to the enjoyment of the good things in life, those being eating, drinking, and killing. 'help abilities' details some of the benefits of being part of this august group.

A Brute Squad Guide is available for the guild, though be warned that it may contain spoilers.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


Athleticism 3
Brawling 3
Carousing 2
Hardiness 3
Intimidation 2
Massive Blow 3
Massive Exertion 3
Recuperation 3
Stamina 3

All required skills get a +1 bonus rank, making the actual specialty point requirements 8 STR, 6 CON, 2 CHA.

Specialty Access

Skill			Access Level
Anatomy			3
Animal Lore		1
Armour Lore		3
Armour Use		1
Athleticism		20
Awareness		3
Axe			4
Balance			3
Blindfighting		3
Bludgeon		12
Brawling		20
Carousing		20
Climbing		3
Combat Reflexes		10
Courage			10
Demolition		8
Digging			4
Dirty Fighting		12
Dodge			3
Eavesdropping		1
Elude Pursuit		3
Find Weakness		5
Firefighting		1
First Aid		3
Fishing			3
Flail			3
Foraging		1
Gambling		4
Haggling		1
Hammer			10
Hardiness		20
Impact Absorption	10
Insect Lore		1
Intimidation		20
Introspection		10
Jumping			4
Killer Instinct		4
Lack of Weakness	10
Leadership		3
Legend Lore		3
Literacy		1
Load Bearing		12
Massive Blow		20
Massive Exertion	20
Ownership		3
Pain Tolerance		4
Plant Lore		1
Practice		10
Recuperation		20
Resilience		12
Running			3
Showmanship		3
Singing			1
Sling			3
Staff			10
Stamina			20
Steadiness		12
Streetwise		1
Swimming		3
Tactics			10
Throwing		1
Tracking		1
Tumbling		3
Unarmed Combat		12
Vocalization		5
Weapon Lore		3
Wrestling		12

Forbidden Specialties

  • These are actually Forbidden specialty II. You can have 1 specialty in these.

Arcane Lore, Astrology, Etiquette, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Scholarship, Metapsychology

End of spoiler information.
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