Supernal Durability

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Class: Physical Conditioning Skills

Attribute: Vitality
Pedagogy: Body Alteration
Practitioner Term: Possessor of Supernal Durability
Specialty Required: Degree II
Hidden Skill
This skill represents the transformation of one's body to potentially achieve levels of toughness and durability entirely beyond
those possible through the relatively ordinary conditioning represented by the hardiness skill.  Levels of this skill increase hit
points significantly.  It is somewhat less effective for extremely small beings.
Development Information: The supernal durability skill was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was
last updated Thu Jan 10 02:12:11 2013.
See Also: hardiness


  • This skill has a required specialty degree of 2, meaning that you must spend 2 Constitution specialty points to have any points in this skill at all. Each additional specialty rank only costs the normal 1 point, however.


Temple of Discordia: Erasmus
Darkhold: Helborg
Weapons of Vengeance: Varn
Sodality of the Nine-Spoked Wheel: Grendal
Battleragers: Borulien
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