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  • Location: Obsidia
  • Occupation: Runemaster
  • Look
Varn is an older Gezuuni, but even at his age his body looks in better shape than many a trained
soldier. His body-sigils are still dark and vivid, blue and red designs over slightly wrinkled
skin.  His hands are stained, blue and red ink mixing to a rich violet on his fingertips.
  • Info
To find out what kind of weapon infusions Varn can provide, 
    Say 'Varn, what enhancements can you create?'.  
    Say 'Varn, infuse my <weapon> with <enhancement>' to request a weapon infusion.  
    Say 'Varn, rune mark my <item>' to request an ordinary rune marking.  
    Say 'Varn, remove my <type> runes' to request removal of rune tattoos.
Varn is an instructor and responds to the following verbal commands:
    Availability inquiry: Varn, what abilities can you enhance?
    Cost inquiry:         Varn, what would it cost to enhance my <subject>?
    Instruction request:  Varn, enhance my <subject(s)>.

  • Weapon Infusions
  Accuracy             Heat
  Acid                 Ice
  Alkaline             Lightning
  Deflection           Pain
  Dweomer              Plasma
  Elemental Air        Power
  Elemental Earth      Radiance
  Elemental Water      Speed
  Elemental Fire       Vampiric
  Eskara               Vibration
  • Enhancements (Rune Tattoos)
 acid affinity
 acid resistance
 aging retardation
 air affinity
 air resistance
 alkali affinity
 alkali resistance
 ash affinity
 ash resistance
 chaos resistance
 cold tolerance
 combat reflexes
 crushing resistance
 crystal affinity
 crystal resistance
 cutting resistance
 darkness affinity
 darkness resistance
 earth affinity
 earth resistance
 entropy affinity
 entropy resistance
 eskara affinity
 eskara resistance
 extropy affinity
 extropy resistance
 fire affinity
 fire resistance
 force resistance
 goetia resistance
 heat affinity
 heat tolerance
 ice affinity
 ice resistance
 killer instinct
 light affinity
 light resistance
 lightning affinity
 lightning resistance
 magick affinity
 magick resistance
 magma affinity
 magma resistance
 metal affinity
 metal resistance
 mist affinity
 mist resistance
 mud affinity
 mud resistance
 ooze affinity
 ooze resistance
 order resistance
 piercing resistance
 poison resistance
 psychic integrity
 smoke affinity
 smoke resistance
 supernal durability
 thunder affinity
 thunder resistance
 tissue hardening
 tissue softening
 void affinity
 void resistance
 water affinity
 water resistance 
  • Notes
    • Only works with Weapons of Vengeance
    • He can only tattoo you with so many tattoos at once, because there's only so much space. More rune lore allows for higher-level tattoos for skills. At higher levels of rune lore, he will also be able to tattoo you with runes for new runic commands.
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