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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


The Forging Process

Marek can make special weapons using advanced Patryn magic. All of these devices must be forged with the help of their owner, and only the owner may use these devices. If the owner ever parts with the device, the rune magic will become unstable and eventually destroy the item in question. For information on the forging process ask Marek about forging. For a list of available weapons that Marek can forge, use the command 'list weapons'. To have Marek help with the forging of an item, use the syntax: 'forge <item>'

Marek states, "I can forge powerful weapons for you, but there are some details you should know. The forging process is personalized to the weapon's owner, and quite taxing. If the owner ever loses possession of the item, it will disappear, as the nature of the bond between owner and weapon is very delicate." in Siglaryn

This process costs about 400sps and 4k gold. It works like this:

forge longsword
Marek sets the required materials on the anvil and begins to work, showing you the proper series of 
sigils to use to bond with the item.  He begins to craft a longsword for you, as you put all your 
concentration into the required magic.
Your mind burns with runic magick as the runed corallyn longsword begins to take shape in Marek's adept hands.
Your mind flares with pain as Marek continues to work the sigils upon the surface of the runed corallyn longsword; 
their power reaching out and interlocking with your heart rune.
You awaken as the last sigil on the runed corallyn longsword is completed.
Marek looks over the runed corallyn longsword and satifised, hands it to you.

Now the weapon is forged and in your possession. I usually keep mine at this point.

If you attempt to do anything while the forging process is occurring, this message appears:

You are in the process of helping Marek forge a powerful Patryn magickal item.  Your absolute concentration is required, or else 
the magick will collapse and your item will be useless.  Stopping the process could be dangerous, but if you feel you truly need
to do something else, use the command 'awaken'.

Weapon Types

 bastard sword
 great flail
 great hammer
 kite shield
 square shield
 target shield
 war axe
 war mace

Weapon Infomation

Here's what a longsword (already infused with pain) looks like:

A longsword forged of corallyn, a tough, light alloy whose construction is a secret kept by the Patryn race.  It has 
intricate patterns of runes etched deeply into the metal.  The quality of its craftsmanship is good.  It is covered in a 
layered coat of hooks and barbs.  You are holding it.  
It is in perfect condition.  
It looks about three tenths of a dimin wide and thirteen and a half dimins long.  It is weightless.

It was my thought that weapon quality is likely influenced by the rune lore skill. The longsword was made by a character with 105 rune lore. I just made a broadsword with a rune lore skill of 130 and the quality of the weapon was still "good", so now I'm thinking that it's not. (Stairs whispers, -* with a rune lore skill of 200, mine are "good" too, FWIW -*.)

Here's the output of an info command on a custom weapon:

This Patryn weapon may be enhanced by the runemaster Varn.  The only way to change enhancements is to take it back to him.  
One  can use the commands 'rune charge <item>' to charge it with magickal energy, 'rune cannibalize <item>' to destroy the 
weapon and reclaim part of its energy, and 'rune estimate <item>' to estimate the amount of magickal energy contained in the
weapon.  It has the pain enhancement upon it.  The enhancement will gradually lose energy over time and disappear if it is not
maintained by recharging.  The viciously barbed corallyn longsword was created by Ubiquitous, who wishes to credit Margaret Weis
and Tracy Hickman as inspiring this work; the source code was last updated Mon Jul 16 00:22:10 2007.  The longsword weapon type
was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Thu Jul 12 11:59:26 2007.  The material corallyn was created by
Ubiquitous and Chaos; the source code was last updated Tue Jun 05 12:20:00 2007.

Each rune charge seems to cost 50 sps and adds roughly 15-30 minutes worth of charge. It does appear to be a touch random. The charge does not go down while you are offline, that I've noticed. (Stairs whispers, -* but it does go down if you're linkdead *-.)

Rune lore does affect the maximum amount of time you can keep your weapon charged for - Telurel

Weapon Infusions

Varn will infuse your weapon with a particular attribute. You may only have one infusion at a time affecting your custom weapon. You can change infusions simply by buying a new infusions, as it will cancel out the old infusion. It's also worth noting that getting a new infusion appears to reset the magickal charge. The ratio of spirit to time seems to depend on the infusion itself, with some infusions being cheaper to maintain than others.

When a weapon is infused, it will shift between the infused damage type and physical damage, so just because the weapon is infused doesn't mean it will be doing that damage type all the time. I think that because you must maintain the charge, you really ought to get the damage type your paying for all the time, but that's not how it's working currently.

Here is a list of the infusion types along with Varn's description of each.


Varn states, "This enhancement improves your weapon's balance and accuracy." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement causes the weapon to exude a coating of powerful acid." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement causes the weapon to exude a coating of caustic alkaline liquid." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement increases the weapon's ability to deflect attacks." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement charges the weapon with raw magickal energy." to you in Siglaryn.

Elemental Air

Varn states, "This enhancement infuses the weapon with energies of elemental air." to you in Siglaryn.

Elemental Earth

Varn states, "This enhancement infuses the weapon with energies of elemental earth." to you in Siglaryn.

Elemental Water

Varn states, "This enhancement infuses the weapon with energies of elemental water." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement infuses the weapon with deadly eskara." to you in Siglaryn.

This damage type was known as "Radiation". The weapon infusion seems to cause the weapon to do both physical and radiation type damage.

The green glow from your brightly green-glowing corallyn longsword pulses as it strikes.

This message occasionally occurs. It's obviously a weapon special, other than that am unsure as to it's significance.


Varn states, "This enhancement creates a flaming aura around the weapon." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement infuses the weapon with intense heat." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement infuses the weapon with extreme cold." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement causes the weapon to give off a field of powerful electricity." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement causes the weapon to grow various hooks and barbs for inflicting excruciating pain upon 
your enemies." to you in Siglaryn.

This appears to increase the chance the weapon has of stunning an opponent. It might also be adding slightly to damage. The damage type appears to stay physical.

Occasionally the following message will occur:

The hooks and barbs on your viciously barbed corallyn longsword writhe as it strikes.

I'm unsure as to what exactly it signifies, but it is obviously a special of some kind.

(Speculation) As with shields and chains which can have razors and spikes, this may add additional damage types to the weapon--such as piercing, slashing, etc. This is more likely than an additional stun chance.


Varn states, "This enhancement creates an aura of ravening plasma around a weapon." to you in Siglaryn.

Does plasma damage, which is nice. Few things resist it.

The wreath of plasma around your plasma-wreathed corallyn broadsword flares up as it strikes.

This is a special of some kind.


Varn states, "This enhancement increases the raw power with which the weapon strikes." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement creates a powerful aura of intense light around a weapon." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement increases the speed with which your weapon strikes." to you in Siglaryn.


Varn states, "This enhancement empowers a weapon to suck the life-force from your opponents and channel it into you." to you 
in Siglaryn.

Entropic (necromatic) damage. Enervates, drains, devitalizes, etc. Despite the name of "Vampiric" and Varn's description, it's not draining any hps and giving them to the wielder, or if it is it's too minuscule to notice. Also, I noticed no specials of any kind, no flaring auras, murmurs. The damage seemed to be puny as well.


Varn states, "This enhancement causes the weapon to vibrate over a very short distance but incredibly fast, increasing its 
ability to penetrate armour." to you in Siglaryn.
End of spoiler information.
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