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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

How to Join

 1.  Go to the Obsidia
 2.  Find Goth
 3.  Learn Kesliri well enough to speak a few words.
 4.  Find Xar
 5.  Say "I want to prove my worthiness."" in Kesliri
 6.  He will give you a vial of ink and a bodkin.
 7.  Find the statue in the center of the Nexus courtyard. (The room in the next part periodically destroys itself and everything in it if there are no incarnoi present, so if you're attempting to join with a follower then have them carry you in)
 8.  Draw rune on statue 
 9.  When you draw the rune on the statue you will end up in a room with an Amberite called Oberon.
 10. Attack him.  He deals mainly magickal damage that I know of.  So magickal resistance 
     helps a ton.
 11. When you defeat him he'll ask for mercy.  Attack him again.
 12. He'll say something about he see's where your heart lies or something and then dies.
 13. Touch sigil
 14. Find Xar
 15. Say "I will never forget what the Amberites did." in Kesliri
 16. If your specs meet all the requirements then you're in.  Either way you don't have to 
     fight the statue again if they don't. Just fix them and do Step 15 again.
say I wish to prove my worth in kesliri

    You state, [- I samur to olimes my worth -] in halting, flowingly-accented Kesliri.

    As Xar speaks, you experience an intense flow of dark, disturbing images into your mind,
conveying to you the meaning of his words.

    Xar states, -* So, you think yourself worthy to gain our trust and serve as one of my Weapons
of Vengeance?  High aspirations for a gleph. *- in Kesliri.

    Xar looks scrutinizingly at you.

    Xar's gaze seems to penetrate into the depths of your soul.  As his searching eyes survey your
mind, you realize that it would be impossible to hide anything from this man.

    Xar states, -* For a gleph, your courage is admirable.  Succeed in my test and become one of my
Weapons of Vengeance, and I will give you a Gezuuni name that so my children will trust you. *- in

    As Xar speaks, you experience an intense flow of dark, disturbing images into your mind,
conveying to you the meaning of his words.

    Xar states, -* Go to the center of the city built for me by my enemies.  There you will find a
statue of Dworkin, sunderer of the world.  Take this vial and inscribe the rune I will show you
upon the statue, and avenge us upon Dworkin. *- in Kesliri.

    Xar inscribes patterns of runes into the air, which condense into a vial in his outstretched

    Xar gives a rune-inscribed vial of ink to you.

    Xar states, -* Now watch carefully, and remember this sigil.  You must draw it upon the statue.
*- in Kesliri.

    Xar's hand flashes through the air, leaving a single blue rune burning in the air before him.

    Pulsing blue, the sigil burns itself into your memory.

    Comprehension dawns as your mind penetrates the deeper meaning of the Gezuuni words which make
up the sigil: Vengeance, Hate, Pain

    Xar states, -* Go now to your task.  Show no mercy to our ancient enemy. *- in Kesliri.

How to Leave

I know of two ways to leave. One is to attack Xar, at which point he will break your heart rune and you will be marked as an enemy of the WoV. If you kill him, he will mark you with another rune, marking you as even worse. Alternately, if someone else kills Xar, he has a corallyn needle, which provides the following

Commands to use:
 tattoo <who> with <message>
 untattoo <who>
 unsigil - to remove all magickal sigils from you
  The corallyn needle was created by Ubiquitous, who wishes to credit Margaret Weis and Tracy
Hickman as inspiring this work; the source code was last updated Wed Sep 23 02:12:37 2009.  The
needle weapon type was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Sun Jul 12 19:30:03 2009.  
The material corallyn was created by Ubiquitous and Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls;
the source code was last updated Sun Jul 12 19:30:00 2009.

Using the unsigil command will remove your heart rune as well.

It appears that if you manage to leave without assaulting Lord Xar, then there is no restriction on rejoining.

Not just Xar, my Rajan Death Mask attacked Marek and he kicked me out, too, complete with broken name rune. -Mourningstar

Weapons of Vengeance

The Weapons of Vengeance are glephs who have proven their worth to Lord Xar
and so are privileged to serve him, being gifted with a Gezuuni name and a
heart rune worked by Xar himself.  Weapons in good standing are permitted many
privileges among the Gezuuni of Obsidia and, with proper service, a standing
nearing that of true Gezuuni.  The purpose of a Weapon of Vengeance is, of
course, to find and destroy agents of Amber and deliver the universe to Lord
Xar's dominion.

Specializations and Access

Min   Max      Specialty
 1    +5      Antagonism
 1    +5      Piety
 1    +5      Rune Lore
 1    +5      Kesliri
 1    +2      Cold Tolerance
 1    +2      Discipline
 1    +2      Hardiness
 1    +2      Heat Tolerance
 1    +2      Killer Instinct
 1    +2      Lack of Weakness
 1    +2      Pain Tolerance 
 1    +2      Tenacity 
      +2      Concentration
      +2      Find Weakness
      +2      Scholarship
      +2      Torture
      +1      Centering
      +1      Channeling
      +1      Combat Reflexes
      +1      Cosmology
      +1      Elude Pursuit
      +1      First Aid
      +1      Foraging
      +1      Running
      +1      Tactics

The required specialties total to 3 x Int (Rune Lore, Kesliri, Lack of Weakness), 5 x Wil (Antagonism, Piety, Discipline, Pain Tolerance, Tenacity), 3 x Con (Cold Tolerance, Hardiness, Heat Tolerance), 1 x Per (Killer Instinct).

Note that Xar will apparently not admit members with less than 100 willpower.

Members of this association are forbidden to specialize in Empathy, which means you can't join if you do have it specialized and trained above 40. Introspection may not be specialized above degree I.

Weapons of Vengeance get a ton of additional specialization access, but in a round about way. You have to train your Rune Lore up in order for the specialization access to open up. All affinity and resistance specialties gained from WOV start at 1 and increase based on Rune lore, they increase at the same rate as described below for Supernal durability.

To get Varn to introduce supernal durability after joining Weapons of Vengeance you need:

  • Rune lore skill above 100 (spec 2) unlocks supernal durability specialty access of 2
  • Rune lore skill > 135 (spec 3) unlocks spec access of 3 (Varn trains up to his maximum of about 60)
  • Rune lore skill above 183-199 (spec 5) grants spec access 4
  • Rune lore skill above 215 (spec 6), unlocks spec 5 (Erasmus trains SD up to spec max)
    • FINALLY got this at 327 Total: 256 Rune Lore + 79/2 Symbology + 64/2 Kesliri

This is base skills: my buffed rune lore from a gifttraeger didn't cut the mustard. -Zeratul

The actual formula is (rune lore+(symbology/2)+(siglaryn/2))/(spec_required^2)+1 -- Sorressean

Important Notes

  • With the advent of some of the more recent WoV changes your runes can now lash out at your opponent while you are fighting, while good (who doesn't love extra damage!) this can and probably WILL kill you and destroy a significant amount of your equipment if your opponent has an Amulet of Magick Retribution. This cannot be turned off and will fire off in defensive also. So the moral of the story? Look before you leap! It should be noted that if you use a Runic Command such as Maiduro to charge your runes with different energies, these discharges will change to suit the element or amalgamal. If in doubt, switch to an uncommon energy!

Custom Weapons

Being one of Lord Xar's Weapons of Vengeance also allows one to have a custom runic weapon.

Runic Commands

As a person with runes 'n' stuff, you get access to Runic Commands.


Xar states, -* ...and you specialize in empathy, which is forbidden to Weapons of Vengeance, sir. *- in Kesliri.
Xar states, "As a Stalker of the Gate, you could not become a proponent of evil or a
 servant by joining the Weapons of Vengeance, Eldritch." in Siglaryn.
Xar states, "As a Maiden of the Spear, you could not become a soldier by joining the Weapons of Vengeance, lady." in Siglaryn.
Xar states, "You cannot join the Weapons of Vengeance because you are a guard, kielleth." in Siglaryn.

Travelers can't join because WoV is viewed as an evil association.

 Xar states, -* As a Journeyman Operative of the Warbreakers, you could not become a servant by joining the Weapons of Vengeance, lady. *- in Kesliri.
End of spoiler information.
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