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Rarity: Very Exotic
Plural: Gezuuni
Anatomy: Anthropoid
Sexes: Male, Female
Harm Skills:
    Rune Lore     51%
    Anatomy       19%
    Empathy       13%
    Intimidation  13%
    Torture        5%
   The Gezuuni are a race of eldritch and mysterious beings, hailing from a distant and strange realm of shadow.  Legends say that
they were once human, but they mastered powerful runic magicks and made war across the planes with the Amberites before being
defeated and banished to an enchanted prison plane.  After thousands of years of desperate battling for survival, the Gezuuni
managed to escape, and disappeared from the world of Lost Souls for a vast span of time.  Recently, they have appeared once more,
making cautious forays from their shadow-city of Obsidia.

   At first glance, the Gezuuni appear to be tall, broad-shouldered humans, with only their shadowy gray skins marking them as
different.  However, a cursory examination quickly reveals a webwork of enchanted, magickal tattoos that cover their bodies,
spreading from their hearts outward to their extremities as the individual Gezuuni masters the runic arts.  Their native tongue is
the arcane language of Kesliri, constructed entirely from words and sigils of runic power which grant even mundane speech the
ability to produce magickal effects.

   Though originally from human stock, the Gezuuni have long since modified their bodies to possess increased strength, speed,
stamina, and even expanded mental capabilities.  Their long residence in planes and places of shadow has also both infused them
with shadow energies and granted them a measure of resistance to those energies; however, their lifespans remain similar to those
of ordinary humans.  Most Gezuuni are gruff and direct in both word and deed, and tend to see themselves as superior to other
races, even elder ones such as the chaosborn -- an outlook evident in their language, which has only one word for those of
non-Gezuuni lineage: 'gleph', meaning 'worker'.  The obvious implication -- that Gezuuni see other races fit only
for menial servitude at best -- is generally received poorly in the broader mileu of the cosmos.

In order to become a Gezuuni, you must have advanced to level three hundred. Alternative, it costs 100 lux at character generation.
/--------------------------------------- The Gezuuni Race ----------------------------------------\
| Attributes                   Strength                          30 to 110     56                 |
|                              Intellect                         40 to 120     66                 |
|                              Vitality                          50 to 120     73                 |
|                              Agility                           30 to 110     56                 |
|                              Willpower                         30 to 110     56                 |
|                              Ego                               30 to 110     56                 |
|                              Perception                        40 to 120     66                 |
|                              Size                              53 to  75     60                 |
|                                                                              186 points         |
| Typical Sexes                                                  Male                             |
|                                                                Female                           |
| Languages                    Native                            Kesliri                          |
| Specialty Access             Shadow Affinity and Shadow        available: degree III,           |
|                              Resistance                        required: degree I, bonus:       |
|                                                                degree I                         |
| Traits                       Abstraction                       Yes                              |
|                              Dreaming                          Yes                              |
|                              Euphasia                          Yes                              |
|                              Sentience                         Anthropic                        |
|                              Assimilativity                    -13                              |
|                              Somatic Adaptability              8                                |
|                              Speech Pattern                    Proper                           |
| Cultures and Homelands       Obsidian                          Obsidia                          |
| Physical Characteristics     Anatomy                           Anthropoid                       |
|                              Natural Weaponry                  Good                             |

Gezuuni also have access to Weapons of Vengeance trainers and abilities without being members of the association.
Vivisection into a Gezuuni does not give cultural bonuses such as rune lore and kesliri language access.
You may not be able to get the prestige runic commands through vivisection either, but this is untested.
The cultural benefits are specifically for darkforged Gezuuni which are accessible only by paying lux to generate one during creation.
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