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During one of my many outings, I stumbled across a beautiful city hidden within Gezuun. Even from a distance the high towers of crystal and massive walls could be seen, sparkling in the faint light of the evening.

Upon entering the city, I took note of it's residents, strange human-like people with sigils and tattoos covering their bodies. They wore clothes and armour covered in obscure runes and designs. As I walked through the city I would occasionally see one of the citizens trace an odd pattern into the air and conjure forth minor magics. What was even more impressive is that the children seemed to be adept at this form of arcane invocation as well.

I found many interesting shops within the city, but they shunned me as an outsider to their homeland and would not offer their services to me. One man crafted weapons of such quality to rival the great artifacts of legend. Another man was offering to infuse these weapons with magical runes of power. He demonstrated a runed flail to me, and I was awestruck. He spoke a few words and the flail lit up with an amazingly intense light. I was nearly blinded by it as it swelled with power. Then, in an instant he spoke another word over it and it suddenly burst into flame. I must say that if one has the means, to try and procure one of these fabulous weapons. He told me that if I wanted to use his services I must first find Lord Xar and prove myself worthy to him.

My time was short, so I had to leave the beautiful city of the Patyrn, but I vowed to myself at it's gates that I would return, and the power of it's runed weapons would be mine!

-- Strom Darkwind, Ysaril 11, 546

At the coordinates -8 by -33 one can find the infamous Death's Gate, a region of land blasted by gods only know what force. After going north and down for awhile one will encounter a large ethereal sphere; if you can put your qualms aside and enter the sphere you will find youself in a strange place with many revolving images. Concentrate on the seventh one and you shall find yourself in a strange city where the people all carry rune-marked items, even the children, and possess strange unearthly powers. Apparently the people were defeated and humiliated long ago by an evil being whose name I can not reveal.

Lord Xar is a generous man and, if you provide him and his people with a small service, shall willingly give you a Patryn naming rune. This strange tattoo on your chest allows you to access the services of the Obsidia's shop keepers. One can create tattoos which provide one with various resistances. The Obsidia's weapon smith will gladly help you forge a runic weapon of any type; these powerful weapons can then be taken to the Obsidia's rune master Varn and infused with a variety of powers. I possess a runic dagger infused with a vampiric ability that allows me to drain life force from my enemies; this has saved my life many a time and I almost shudder to think of this power used in a larger weapon!

-- Ciro Caldera, Karmina 14, 760



The Obsidia can be reached through Semue Iera, which can be found in the River Tethys.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations

Notable Personalities

  • Marek the Gezuuni smith
  • Rast the Gezuuni shopkeeper
  • Goth the Gezuuni weaponmaster
  • Varn the Gezuuni runemaster

Notable Attractions

  • Courtyard statue


  • City alignment:
  • Guards assist:
  • How to get to the Obsidia:
    • Sure Ways
    • Unsure Ways
      • Planes Walkers might be able to planes walk there, but I'm assuming they have to have been there first. I've never had a planes walker. From Zeratul: Yes, planeswalkers can planeswalk there, provided they have sufficient metasenses to maintain a psychic link across planes and sufficient translocation to get them there.
End of spoiler information.


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