Tenereth's Rest

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Tenereth's Rest is located at (10, -25, 0) in Calais (Global: (-71, 56, 0)).


Free Kyrsledan

Notable Personalities



Tenereth the Risen


  • Stuff in the crypt is neutral evil
  • Exploration

go 7w, 14e, n, 14w, n, 14e, n, 14w, n, 14e, n, 14w, n, 14e, n, 14w, n, 14e, n, 14w, n, 14e, n, 14w, n, 14e, n, 14w, n, 14e, 7sw

Speedwalk edited from here by Ayeviral, who performed it with an Aligned mask on, the key here being invisible. The walks are in sections from waypoint to waypoint throughout the underground crypt. The deeper you go, the more likely you'll hit a teleport rune, so just keep track of which section you are completing and you should be fine retracing your steps at all times. The maps on the wiki are accurate, but bring a panoramicon for some real-time visuals. It helps. Ayeviral guarantees that this is not an optimal walk so you'll have some double entry rooms in there. But she also guarantees it will most definitely help you harvest the full 600 exploration points with significantly less frustration. This speedwalk covers every room in the area. It really helps to be perceptive, aware, and agile. Oh, and spelunking is a great hobby. May patience and good luck be on your side.

A marble sepulchre (0, 0, 5)

go 2d

From level 3 entrance (0, 0, 3)

go s, 4w, 4e, 2n, 2w, 2n, w, n, sw, w, 2s, 2w, 2s, n, ne, 2e, 4s, 2w (-6, -3, 3) go 4s, w, 2ne, e, 2s, n, ne, 2e, 2s, 2e, n, 5e, 3n, 3s, 5w, 2n, 2e, 2n, 3w (0, -2, 3) go 3n, 2e, s, e, s, 3e, 3n, w, n, 2w, 3n, sw, 2w, 5e, 2n, 7w, 2s, 3w, n, w, n, w, se (-6, 6, 3)

go 2d

From level 1 entrance (-6,6,1)

go 3e, n, 3e, 2s, 2e, 2n, 2e, s, e, s, 2e, n (7, 6, 1) go 5s, w, 2s, 2n, e, 2n, 3w, n, 2w, n, 2w, 2s, 2w, 2n, w (-3, 5, 1) go e, 2s, 5w, 2e, n, s, 5e, s, 2e, s, 2e, 2s, 2e, w, 6s, 6n (5, -1, 1) go 3w, 2s, 2w, n, 6w, 2n, w, e, n, 2e, 2n, 2e, 3s, 2e, 4w, e, 4s (-3, -4, 1) go 3e, 2s, 3w, s, 2w, 3n, 3s, 2e, n, 3e, n, 3e, 2s, 2e, n, 2e (7, -6, 1)

go 2d

From level -1 entrance (7,-6,-1)

go 2w, s, 3w, 3n, 3e, n, 2e, w, 2n, 3w, s, w, s, 2w, 4s (0, -7, -1) go 2w, n, 2w, n, 3w, 3e, n, e, 3n, w, 2n, 4e, 3n, 7e, 7w, 3s, 3w, 2n (-3, 3, -1) go 3w, 6s, w, e, 9n, w, 2e, n, 5e, 2w, 2s, 2e, n, 2e, n, 3e, s, e, 2s, e (7, 4, -1) go 3s, 2w, n, 2w, s, w, s, 2w, s, 2w (-2, -1, -1)

go 2d

From level -3 entrance (-2, -1, -3)

go 4e, sw, 3s, ne, 4e, 2s, e, nw, n, 2w, 9n, 2e, n, e, sw, w, sw, s (4, 3, -3) go 5w, 8e, 4s, 3w, 6s (4, -7, 3) go 5w, 4n, 4s, 2w, n, s, 3w, 3n, w, 6e, 3w (-4, -4, -3) go 7n, 2s, 8e, 3w, nw, sw, 3w, 3s, 2w, n, w (-7, -1, -3) go 4n, e, 2n, 3e, n, se, ne, 3s, 4e, w, nw, n, 2e, 2n, 10w (-7, 7, -3)

This is where TENERETH THE RISEN is chillin' like a villain. Kill that dragon NPC, bring your best undead weaponry...

go 2d

From level -5 entrance (-7, 7, -5)

go 5e, 4s, 2e, 3s (0, 0, -5)

This is where KYRSLEDAN is a bloody mess.


Map:Tenereth's Rest

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