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   This is a male dragon whose body is layered with thick black scales.  His shimmering violet eyes 
are covered with translucent film and stare at his surroundings blankly.  Mold grows on the rotting 
shimmering violet skin between his black scales and he drips thick slime on the ground as he moves.  
You recognizes him as the dragon Tenereth who helped the danaan of Liathyr defeat Kyrsledan.  While 
ultimately successful, he was slain in the attempt.  He is permeated by a thick, deep blackness, a 
thick, lugubrious, shimmering violet radiance, a dim sparkling light, and surging radiance.
   He looks about thirty-four dimins long, eight and eleven twentieths dimins wide, and seventeen 
dimins tall.
  • Notes

Aggressive, scary, scaly. Not very restful, despite context.

Tenereth breathes a massive cone of darkness at you and shades you momentarily...

Tenereth breathes a tendril of cruelty from his head at you and smites your head...

Something vomits a glistening mass of bile at you and chills you somewhat... (may have been a summon)

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