Sodality of the Nine-Spoked Wheel

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The demon lord Krythe maintains a dark sodality, from his bar, the Nine-Spoked Wheel, under St Paedric's Monastery.



The joining phrase is "I desire to join the sodality of the nine-spoked wheel". You need to have one ego and willpower specialty point free. Below is a log of what Krythe asks of you when you attempt to join.

    Demon Lord Krythe yawls, (Yeah friend, that'sh not shomething I talk about while shober, ya
    know?) at you.
    Demon Lord Krythe drawls, (the Nine-SHpoked Wheel ish immenshely powerful, buy me a drink I'll
    tell you all about it.) at you.
    You give a firebreather to Demon Lord Krythe with your right claw.
    Demon Lord Krythe drinks its firebreather.
    Demon Lord Krythe presents a green drinking glass for returning.
    Demon Lord Krythe returns a green drinking glass for one gold.
    Demon Lord Krythe mmms happily.
    Demon Lord Krythe blusters, (Yesh, that'sh the shtuff!  Welcome to my SHodality!)
    Demon Lord Krythe snickers at you.
    You whisper, [= I desire to join the sodality of the nine-spoked wheel =] in sibilant Anglic.
    Demon Lord Krythe drawls, (Did you expect it to be that eashy?  Get me a little drunk and have
     your way with me?!  How about you bring me the heart of a child.. no.. the head of a lamb.. No, I
     got it!  Bring me a fuzzy little black kitten with it'sh legsh pulled off while it shtill livesh! 
     Nah, forget it, too meshy, jusht find and kill that guardian chick, okay?  Come back when that'sh
     done.) at you.

To do this, you have to kill the guardian spirit located in the altar ('search altar' syntax to enter, 'search wall' to leave) in the room with an altar missing its south wall. After defeating this powerful being, return to the nine-spoked wheel to join. Note that the spirit resists common damage types a lot. Bring your esoteric weapons and abilities!


Most good-aligned (if not all) and neutral-restricted affiliations will not compatible with the Sodality due to the conflicting types.

Note that Lupines cannot join this association:

Demon Lord Krythe drawls, (The worship of Aeda doesh not allow the veneration of Ashmodai,
sho you cannot join the SHodality of the Nine-SHpoked Wheel.) at you.


Supernal Durability

Increasing your Qlippotic Affinity and Willpower will give you specialty access to Supernal Durability. Additionally, the higher your Qlippotic Affinity gets, the more you will deal qlippotic damage to enemies that successfully strike you.

You will gain 1 point of Supernal Durability specialty access for each 75 points of Qlippotic Affinity that you have, as well as 1 additional point for each 150 points of Willpower that you have. Note that Supernal Durability requires 2 specialty points to use at all, which means anyone without 150+ willpower will need, at minimum, 3 specs (and most likely 4) in Qlippotic Affinity to get any SD access whatsoever. -- Marcosy

Qlippotic Aura

Sodalists also gain a qlippotic aura which has a number of benefits, all scaling with Qlippotic Affinity:

  • Occasionally the aura will retaliate against attempted/successful attacks against the sodalist by blasting the attacker with Qlippotic energy, damaging (or healing) them depending on their affinity for Qlippot.


Your body glows eerily, and a wave of unholy power washes over the reddish-skinned human militia
A reddish-skinned human militia member's head, chest, and left arm are desecrated.
  • The aura will also periodically decay the weapons of attackers.


Eerie black sparks flicker around a white-skinned human militia member's iron shortsword for a
  • On a successful aura activation, some incoming damage will be absorbed. The amount absorbed also scales with Qlippotic Affinity.
  • Grendal will also become available to you as a trainer.

Escaping the Sodality

    You whisper, [= I want to break the wheel within myself =] in sibilant Anglic.
    Demon Lord Krythe laughs at you.
    Demon Lord Krythe blusters, (Fool!  You can't leave us that easily!)

However, he changes his tune if you have something that can threaten him, such as a certain ring.

It will also be some time before you can rejoin, should you change your mind again. (Less than three months)

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