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Saint Paedric's Monastery is a demonic monastery that can be found on the plains of Almeria, specifically in the region of Cimbra. Within its walls can be found ordinary sentient creatures, of many different races, that appear to be entranced; this is presumably because of the deity they have chosen to worship.

A rather small monastary that doesn't seem quite as safe as I imagined while exploring. Haunted by demonic versions of several races. Chapel on the west side, living spaces to the north, entrance from the east, unfriendly garden to the south. I'm not sure if the residents are hostile or not, I didn't stay near any of them long enough for them to notice me. There's a locked door in the basement of the chapel that I couldn't get through. Details sent in to the editors of the Explorer's Guide of my visit there, and I don't plan on going back until I'm sure I can at least kill a demonic kobold. -Elradra, over-curious-and-now-scared drow Explorer.



Saint Paedric's Monastery is located at (-25, 18, 0) in Cimbra (Global: (-25, 99, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations


Notable Personalities

Notable Attractions

  • Tavern


  • Area alignment:
  • The northern courtyard houses another chapel that has a library that can be searched for books to read, these books can increase your skills when read.
  • St Paedrics is full of non hostile mobs that will link and provide decent XP for those strong enough to kill them. They do not pursue attackers so if you're hurt, running away won't be difficult.
  • There is a plant called Audra in the southern courtyard outside the monastary, she gives good xp and is guarding a flower bed that can be searched for a tarnished Amulet. Remember to search both weeds and fountains to find her, or any other items in this area.
  • The northern courtyard houses an ancient fountain, you can search either fountain for a heavy iron key //NB: i found it at -8, 5, 0 // that will get you in to the sub levels of the western chapel. Once in the sublevels of the chapel if you procede all the way to the rear you will find a celtic cross in a back room. You can unlock the cross with the amulet you found in the flowerbed. Inside is an amazingly sharp greatsword named Inquisitor. As this is an artifact it cannot be kept but can always be found here.
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