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Arborlon is a forest that many faeries call their home, and can be found on the continent of Almeria. Most inhabitants speak the language of the faeries, Aelvalie. The forest appears to be large at first, but it is just a very simply organized 4x9 forest, with a path down the middle. Pixie and dana, as well as pucks, linger within it.



Arborlon is located at (14, -34, 0) in Calais (Global: (-67, 47, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Aety the shopkeeper
  • Lenalia - will not train those who are not her kind

Notable Attractions

  • Aety's Shop - The shop, found along the 'main road' of Arborlon, sells diminutive and tiny clothings that are perfect for faeries. The prices are somewhat expensive, but are worth it. Aety, the owner of this store, calls it 'horticulture'.
  • Flindant's Ambrosias - A seemingly innocent shop, this den of utmost evil sells the accursed Gimpel Fruit, an unbelievably dangerous poison.
  • Fairy Ring - A curious circle of mushrooms grow at the very south tip of Arborlon. Stepping into it triggers a magic spell that causes you to dance uncontrollably. As a faerie, I was immune to the damage. I sent my parakeet familiar into it, and it resisted the attack. Other races seem to take severe damage to their limbs. There is no apparent way to escape the spell once it has been placed. To enter, "step inside circle". Be warned that if no one is nearby to aid and heal you, you may die of exhaustion.


  • City alignment: Neutral / Ordered
  • Guards assist: Yes
  • The dana will swarm and are neutral ordered. Some denizens (such as powries) are aggressive, but fighting them should no longer provoke the guards. However, it does provoke other faeries in the room.
  • The guards and some faeries here are psychic and know when you have killed someone.
  • It seems that Vashlanya, at the far east end, is immortal and heals himself. More research needed.
  • Citizens attack Kobolds on sight.
End of spoiler information.


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