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A small city which sits on the coast of north-eastern Gardagh, populated mostly by Norska-speaking thondur. Home to a few different shops, and guarded by a group called the Crimson Fist. There are a set of deep catacombs full of very dangerous demons and undead, which should only be explored by the most battle-hardened heroes.

Image:Sinbyen Map.png



Sinbyen is located at (20, 32, 0) in Gardagh (Global: (182, 194, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Dris, a Crimson Fist Drill Sergeant
  • Ziltar, another Crimson Fist Drill Sergeant
  • Modros, medic for the Crimson Fist.

Notable Attractions

  • Mysterious catacombs, entrance at (8, -14, 0)
    • four levels of winding catacombs, populated by undead on the first two levels, and a variety of demonically-possessed humanoids on every level, increasing in difficulty as you descend
    • difficulty of creatures is as follows, in order of easiest to hardest: skeletons, reanimated corpses, possessed, taken, awakened, mutari
    • all creatures carry a variety of large, non-unique, keepable weapons which do entropy damage, the stronger creatures carrying more powerful versions
  • (6, 0, 0) Agin's Dragon Emporium (from the entrance: go 13n, 5e, 2n, e; backtracking: go w, 2s, 5w, 13s)
  • (6, -7, 0) Amstaar's Alchemy
  • (12, 0, 0) Auriel's Archery Supply (go 13n, 11e, 2n, e; backtracking: go w, 2s, 11w, 13s}
  • (2, 1, 0) Candor's Book Store
  • (-3, -5, 0) Crimson Fist Guildhall entrance courtyard
  • (6, -5, 0) Dalemaar's Magic Shoppe
  • (-10, -11, 0) Darron's Back Alley BBQ (from the entrance: go 4n, 10w; backtracking: go 10e, 4s)
  • (9, 2, 0) Dataro's Cloaks N' Capes (randomly has cloaks of holding)
  • (3, 12, 0) Durod's Tackle Shop (from the entrance: go 13n, 4e, 4n, 3w, 2n, 3e, 8n, w; backtracking: go e, 8s, 3w, 2s, 3e, 4s, 4w, 13s)
  • (-3, 12, 0) Farid's Fish Fry (from the entrance: go 13n, 4w, 4n, 3e, 2n, 3w, 9n, e, s; backtracking: go n, w, 9s, 3e, 2s, 3w, 4s, 4e, 13s)
  • (-3, 1, 0) Fontaine's Fishery (from the entrance: go 13n, 4w, 4n, e, s; backtracking: go n, w, 4s, 4e, 13s)
  • (6, -9, 0) Iskaarl's Oddities
  • (3, -7, 0) Jangrid's Rainments (from the entrance: 6n, 3e, 2n; backtracking: 2s, 3w, 6s)
  • (3, 0, 0) Kim's Candy Exchange (from the entrance: 13n, 4e, 2n, w; backtracking: e, 2s, 4w, 13s)
  • (0, 0, 0 Raging Iyiyik Tavern (from the entrance: 15n; backtracking: 15s)
  • (7, 2, 0) Lady Dibella's Dark Fantasies (from the entrance: go 13n, 7e, 4n; backtracking: go 4s, 7w, 13s)
  • (6, -3, 0) Mammoth Joe's Barbecue (from the entrance: 13n, 6e, s; backtracking: n, 6w, 13s)
  • (9, -8, 0) Nature's Wrath (from the entrance: 9n, 9e, 2s; backtracking: 2n, 9w, 9s)
  • (6, -1, 0) Primbal's Armour
  • (3, -10, 0) Ralphgar's Furnishings (from the entrance: 6n, 3e, s; backtracking: n, 3w, 6s)
  • (8, 2, 0) Sintel's Weapons (from the entrance: 13n, 8e, 4n; backtracking: 4s, 8w, 13s)
  • (-2, -1, 0) Starling Sprite Fruits (from the entrance: go 14n, 2w; backtracking: 2e, 14s)
  • (-3, -1, 0) The Grinning Cat Eatery of the City of Sinbyen (go 13n 3w, n back go s, 3e, 13s)
  • (-2, -7, 0) the Sinbyen Bank
  • (-11, -10, 0) The Skooma Den (from the entrance: 4n, 9w, s, 4w, 2n, 2e; backtracking: 2w, 2s, 4e, n, 9e, 4s)
  • (2, -7, 0) Meridith's True Ice (from the entrance: 6n, 2e, 2n; backtracking: 2s, 2w, 6s)
  • (6, -4, 0) Venomous Tendencies (from the entrance: 9n, 5e, 2n, e; backtracking: w, 2s, 5w, 9s)
  • (10, -3, 0) Wickett's General Goods (go 13n, 10e, s; backtracking: go n, 10w, 13s}
  • (2, -4, 0) Thurgg's Cave(Hestjeger)


  • Guards assist: Yes
End of spoiler information.


Sinbyen Map

Map:Sinbyen Ascii

Map:Sinbyen Catacombs Surveys

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