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My own page? Really? Neat.

Known in-game as Caelin or the peaceful-faerie. Current main incarnos: Lenisa.

Method of gameplay:

  1. New character, sticking with a two-armed two-legged humanoid race.
  2. Get to Losthaven, attempt to join guard. If success, go to line 3. If fail, go to line 4.
  3. Depending on race, get livery from Veruca or armorsmith. Grab a sword or a dagger.
  4. Get to At'lordrith's cave.
  5. Solve all puzzles, waiting for level-up during first few questions before continuing. Gets me to approx. level 10.
  6. Spend development points accordingly.
  7. Go back to Losthaven.
  8. Set specialty degrees. Take forever.
  9. Kill rats until weapon of choice is proficient.
  10. Attempt to kill pickpockets, avoiding thugs.
  11. Continue with normal gameplay, avoiding fights unless necessary.
  12. Rage quit after several deaths in a row
  13. New char? [Y/N]
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