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  • Location: Valathyr
  • Occupation: Headmaster
  • Look
       This is a male dana with white skin, blonde hair, and green eyes.  The headmaster has a look
 of great experience on his face.  He has seen too many battles with orcs and drow and his been
 hardened by these experiences.  A look of sorrow is ever present in his eyes.  
   He looks about seventeen dimins tall, four dimins wide, and one dimin front to back.  
   He is in good shape.  
   He wields an erivelin longbow in his right hand.  He wears an ilianara cloak around his body,
 an erivelin light mail hauberk on his body, a silver-inlaid bright blue leather quiver slung
 behind his left shoulder, a pair of blackened leather gloves on his hands, and a silver circlet on
 his head.
  • Info
     To join the Cuar Faernae, say 'pledge me to the Cuar Faernae'.  To leave  say 'remove me from
the Cuar Faernae'.

Also responds to "what do you teach" and "teach me x", but I was not able to see that info.

  • Trains
 aeroturgy < 18
 aquaturgy < 18
 bellerophrasty < 18
 empathy < 16
 geoturgy < 30
 pyraturgy < 18
  • Notes
    • Understands Anglic and Sperethiel
    • Teaches Cuar Faernae
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