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You need 150 points of compatibility to effectively use a Glomschal, as measured by your average of illusion and skiaturgy, +50 points for being a drow, and +100 points for being a Hantaka.

  • Attack rating bonus based on Illusion skill. (And maybe Skiaturgy.)
  • Skill buffs to Balance, Stealth, and maybe others, scaling with your facility with a Glomschal.
  • Note: As of change 7864, glomschals run off of magickal energy and Thaumaturgy instead of Skiaturgy.

Additionally activatable for:


    This cloak is made from the felivanus dark violet hide of large and powerful beast with a
strange anatomy: sewn-off stubs of at least six limbs flank the sides, with two more flaring at
the shoulders.  It is shadowy and at times oddly translucent.  The quality of its craftsmanship is
exquisite.  You recognize it as a glomschal, a vanishingly rare magickal cloak.  Invented by the
drow, glomschals were used by nefarious Yathrelar rogues and outlaws to great effect, leading to
their stigmatization and suppression.  Each one is made from the hide of a felivanus, skinned and
cured by an expert tanner trained specifically for the task, and enchanted to impart the illusory
powers of the beast using techniques now lost to time.  The best known power of the cloak is to
augment one's ability at various forms of evasion with a displacement illusion -- that is, by
making one appear a short distance from where one actually is, making them extremely difficult to
strike.  Its bearers have also been known to move in seemingly impossible ways, stepping at
impossible angles to fit through small spaces, or moving ten paces with a single step.  It affords
excellent protection even apart from these enchantments, as felivanus hide is remarkably tough and
supernaturally light.  One's effectiveness with cloak's magicks depend upon one's facility in the
arts of Skiaturgy and Illusion.  It is said that the use of the cloaks can be quite draining on
those unpracticed in the arts of the magicks that infuse it.


    It drains 25 amalgamal shadow energy (with conversion from entropic energy, extropic energy,
elemental air energy, elemental earth energy, elemental fire energy, elemental water energy,
magickal energy, goetic energy, or spiritual energy possible) every two minutes when worn under
ordinary conditions, and 40 amalgamal shadow energy (with previously noted conversions possible)
every ten seconds while making its wearer intangible.  The glomschal was created by Twilight and
is maintained by Chaos and Marcosy; the source code was last updated Sat Apr 29 14:25:47 2017. 
The cloak armour type was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue Mar 15
02:22:58 2016.  The material hide was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue
Mar 15 02:18:37 2016.


    You feel knowledge drifting into your mind like a long-forgotten memory, making you aware that
the glomschal can, if worn by one who is sufficiently attuned to it, be activated to make the
wearer intangible by visualizing a triangle disappearing within a circle, with intangibility being
deactivated by visualizing a triangle appearing within a circle.
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