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Rarity: Very Unusual
Plural: Kedethim
Anatomy: Anthropoid
Sexes: Male, Female
Harm Skills:
    Anatomy       31%
    Empathy       20%
    Intimidation  20%
    Politics      12%
    Law            8%
    Torture        8%

The kedethim are a people with a tragic history. To all evidence, literally no one alive knows the original name of this people or anything about their culture. Tens of thousands of years ago, they were discovered by the vlekthid of the city Krguthcolreh on an isolated plane, and their entire species was taken as slaves. For millennia they were made to be naught but living tools and food sources for the vlekthid, and all memory of their homeland was obliterated by generation upon generation of mindless servitude.

The vlekthid made a significant error in their selection of slave stock, however, for the species apparently had a significant inborn psionic potential, which long exposure to continuous mind control and other forms of psychic manipulation bred to fruition. Eventually there came to be born members of this nameless slave race who could hide some of their thoughts from their masters, and even plot rebellion. One of the forms which rebellion took was the taking of names, and one of the first names taken was Kedeth.

The individual named Kedeth proved a great leader, filled with hatred for the vlekthid, and under her guidance the slaves plotted a revolt. The specifics of this are not well-known to scholars outside the race, but in short, it was successful, and the city of Krguthcolreh was destroyed to the last inhabitant. The freed people called themselves kedethim, after their savior. There followed some kind of political split, however, again with the details hard to discern, and some kedethim continued to follow Kedeth while others went their own way. Many kedethim now roam the planes, searching for some inkling of their lost home and forgotten racial identity, while others pursue vengeance against the vlekthid race or act on their own agendas. There is one value they apparently all hold in common, however; an absolute contempt for servitude. Any kedeth who enters into bondage to another earns the ultimate scorn of his fellows, no matter which path they follow.

Physically, kedethim are extremely tall, thin humanoids with yellowish skin which seems thin and tightly stretched, especially in their faces. They are fairly strong and tough but not exceptionally so; their intellect and especially their willpower are more notable. They possess nightvision, though whether this is an innate trait or an adaptation to the underground domain of the vlekthid is unknown. Their lifespans are considerable, more than six hundred years being typical, and like many such long-lived peoples their rate of assimilating new experiences is somewhat limited. One of the many consequences of the obliteration of their culture is that the only language they have to call their own is vlekthid Phglek, which no doubt many of the kedethim find rankles. As a consequence of being wanderers of the planes, most have also learned to speak the Exomic trade language Nilasnai and become at least somewhat familiar with the Anglic spoken widely on Gaia.

In order to create a kedeth character, one of your other characters must have achieved the status of Legend.

/-------------------------- The Kedeth Race --------------------------Start---\
| Attributes                Strength                  30 to  90     50        |
|                           Intelligence              40 to 120     66        |
|                           Constitution              20 to  90     43        |
|                           Dexterity                 40 to 100     60        |
|                           Willpower                 40 to  90     56        |
|                           Charisma                  60 to 140     86        |
|                           Perception                30 to 110     56        |
|                           Size                      47 to  67     54        |
| Points                                                           161        |
| Typical Sexes                                       Male                    |
|                                                     Female                  |
| Languages                 Native                    Phglek                  |
| Specialty Access          Cold Tolerance and        available: degree II    |
|                           Heat Tolerance                                    |
|                           Psychic Integrity         available: degree III,  |
|                                                     bonus: degree I         |
|                           Centering                 available: degree I,    |
|                                                     accumulative only       |
| Resistances               Temporal                  very strong resistance  |
| Traits                    Abstraction               Yes                     |
|                           Algolagnia                1                      |
|                           Assimilativity            -14                     |
|                           Autodidaction             1                      |
|                           Dreaming                  Yes                     |
|                           Euphasia                  Yes                     |
|                           Genetic Integrity         4                       |
|                           Night Vision              1                       |
|                           Sentience                 Anthropic               |
|                           Somatic Adaptability      3                       |
|                           Speech Pattern            Monastic                |
| Cultures and Homelands    Exomka                    the Exoma               |
|                           Freeholder                Freehold                |
|                           Kedethkral                T'letzoth               |
|                           Kedethuul                 R'lyeh                  |
|                           Kedethvek                 Vodalis                 |
|                           Losthavener               Losthaven               |
|                           Lowlander                 Halfmoon Bay            |
|                                                     Sanctuary               |
|                           Tethysta                  the River Tethys        |
| Physical Characteristics  Anatomy                   Anthropoid              |
|                           Natural Weaponry          Ordinary                |
| Mental Characteristics    Psi                       Psychic                 |
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