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The Exoma is another plane of existence separate from this one. It is completely chaotic in nature, manifesting all manner of strange phenomena constantly. The four elements of earth, air, fire, and water are mixed together randomly, bringing about all manner of strange terrain, and random events of ill omen are known to occur frequently. The beings most often encountered here are the energy creatures called chiaroscuros and the formidable Chaos Knights. Rumors say that a race of creatures call slaadi makes its home somewhere in the Exoma, but currently little is seen of such beings.

-- Chaos, Gettrellyn 5, 514

The slaadi have been sighted with increasing frequency of late, much to the chagrin of adventurers finding themselves in the Exoma. Only the lesser varieties have been verifiably sighted, but few suppose that these are the only ones which will make themselves known.

-- Chaos, Ysaril 28, 516

The Exoma, in general, is not a nice place. The air alone can kill you, as it seems to be mixed thouroghly with water. The native slaadi are very unfriendly, and only the mightiest can hope to convince them of the errors of their ways. The Exoma also opens up into strange places, often depositing a hapless adventurer in some godforsaken pit. In short, the Exoma is not a place I'd recommend for your next vacation.

-- Lessa Laertes, Karmina 7, 520

The plane known as Exoma is a plane of great chaos - no doubt it is the result of Eris, or, alternatively, Eris is the result of this plane's persistence. Acting as a gateway plane, not unlike the River Tethys, it contains both a number of portals, and a seemingly endless supply of ambient energy that generates strange, unpredictable natural phenomena. For instance, one may suddenly find oneself within a vacuum, being burned alive, or even bathed in pure positive energy. For relatively safe travel, it is highly suggested that one obtain a degree of favor with or resistance to the forces of chaos. There are no forms of determining one's location here, as one can never experience the same given location twice. Landmarks may only be come across by random chance - the luck of Eris, one might say.

The natural denizens of the plane have, obviously, evolved in such a manner to engender a symbolic relationship with chaos. They exhibit strong tendencies towards the use of powers obtained through this relationship when provoked, although for every neutral encounter one may have, there will almost assuredly be a hostile one.

Because of it's chaotic nature, there is no way to gauge the degree of difficulty any given encounter may present. As a general rule of thumb, the large, multi-limbed humanoids present the greatest relative difficulty. They are known as Chaos Knights, and will most assuredly be a match for the most hardened veteran of combat - and he or she should pray that they have some mode of attack that is not limited merely to the material plane.

The two most accessible entrances are within the Temple of Discordia and the Cavern Tainaron respectively.

-- Zaruzahad the Black, Apoday Ysaril 10, 557

It'll break your chaos amulet if you go in there! If you're borrowing para-whatever armor, you're going to have a problem.

-- Graffiti on the wall of the Temple of Discordia.

  • Hints
    • All 'portal' exits from Exoma lead to a teleport-proof 5-level ever-shifting maze named Gezuun that some idiot dev though would be interesting or fun, and which failed at this utterly.
    • There are exits from Exoma, but they will look like any other normal exit.
    • Looking before you leap is a good idea so as to avoid stepping into deadly realms such as the Aether or leaving Exoma if you wish to remain.
    • There will always be one safe exit which needs no climbing or flying and leads to another area in Exoma. 'Portal' exits are not considered safe.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


in addition to the random portals in the Exoma which all provide a one-way trip to Gezuun, many places can be reach through specifically-described exits.

Exoma Points of Interest

  • Limbo Peak
  • Water Mountain
  • a calm area in the Exoma - Eithel Exoma
  • a floating rock - contains a field that transports to the River Tethys
  • a sphere - the variously-colored microcosms of various entities.
  • outside a small square building - the Donjon's cell

Exits to Aedaris

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<description needed> to Sloan, elsewhere

Exits to Elsewhere

  • the mouth of a tunnel leading downwards - Crystal Caves
  • a desolate plain - Lakan
  • empty air - Corpore Scyros
  • an aether - "the Void", an airless realm which will likely kill any who need to breath and lack means to teleport elsewhere, though one of its rooms also contains a portal back to the Exoma.
  • a destroyed gate - Terrace
  • a chaotic void - a room of the Vanishing Tower, which occasionally holds the tower itself.
End of spoiler information.
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