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<--- Synodia Lykouros Powers --->
We of Synodia Lykouros are primarily possessed of three powers:

Assume Form -- the ability to shift one's form.

This power allows one to assume alternate forms, with various capabilities and drawbacks. A list of forms can be viewed with the command help Synodia Lykouros Forms.
To assume a desired form, simply will yourself to assume your <form> form.

Calm -- the ability to bring oneself out of a berserker rage. This power requires a minimum of 10 points of Gnosis to use, and can be activated by willing yourself to become calm and leave your rage.

Banehowl -- the ability to release a deadly howl. This power requires a minimum of 15 points of Gnosis and 35 points of Rage to use, and can be activated with the command perform banehowl.

   Synodia Lykouros Esoteric Maneuver
   Usage: perform banehowl
   The Banehowl is a terrible ability that figures prominently in legend; it is a howl that contains the power of all that is tragic in the world, so potent
    that it draws the very life from those who hear it, wracking their souls and dissolving their bodies.
     Once used, the banehowl cannot be used again for several minutes.
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