The Pantarchic Church of Yehovah

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The Pantarchic Church is the one true body of worship of Lord Yehovah, He who is the victory, the resurrection and the life. As a member of the Pantarchic Church, you are one of Lord Yehovah's flock, and will receive the benefit of His grace in this world and the next.

The Pantarchic Church's communication channel is accessed using the commands 'church' and 'assoc'.

See Also: axia, sins, confession, ecclesiarchy, sullogoi, eisphorata

The Church accepts members from the following races:

The Following races can be ordained as priests and such:

  • Amberite
  • Advenus
  • Aviar
  • Domandan
  • Human
  • Kielleth

Races Definitely NOT Allowed: Aethoss, Dracon, Invae, Nyloc, Sleklith, Troll, Dragon, Sekh, Gezuuni, Kentaur

Note that while these races may be disallowed to join, you *can* join as an acceptable race, then have Kurd vivisect you into an unacceptable race and stay in the assoc. If this is unintended, this statement will be removed when the capacity to do this is. -Note: it is not unintended. Chaos has confirmed.

This list is a work in progress. If you know of other admissible or banned races, please add them.

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