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   Rarity: Special
   Plural: Riishans
   Collective Term: an embarrassment of riishans
   Anatomy: Mute Quadruped
   Harm Skills:
       Animal Lore  44%
       Elder Lore   44%
       Anatomy      11%

A race of quadrupedal beings sharing the attributes of both dogs and cats, Riishans are a recent addition to the races of Aedaeris, having been telesmically created by splicing the two races in question. Riishans have large, sleek catlike bodies and soft fur, but a protruding doglike snout and long, soft floppy ears.

Initially kept as pets, they were soon found to be capable of sophisticated thought, at which point uncomfortable questions regarding personhood and slavery quickly made the prospect untenable.

Riishans are powerfully psychic, and especially gifted in the discipline of empathy. However, their inability to speak or use tools hinders their ability to engage with other sapient beings; if not for a handful of fortunate riishans who manifested the talent of mindspeech, their intelligence might never have become known.

It would cost you 50 lux to make a character of this race.

From the changelog:
Added a new race, the Riishans, which is a playable psychic dog/cat hybrid
available via lux.  Be forewarned that Riishans cannot speak, do not have hands,
and cannot racechange, but these handicaps are counteracted by their psychic
prowess and extreme adorableness.

Player Notes: Riishans do not have vocal capability or prehensile manipulators. They cannot speak, cannot hold or wield objects that require hands or tentacles (which is most of them), cannot wear rings, and cannot open doors. They start with the Empath talent and have no guarantee of gaining Mindspeaker. These limitations make them challenging to play.

/--------------------------------------- The Riishan Race ----------------------------------------\
| Attributes                   Strength                          30 to  90                        |
|                              Intellect                         30 to  80                        |
|                              Vitality                          30 to  90                        |
|                              Agility                           30 to  90                        |
|                              Willpower                         30 to  90                        |
|                              Ego                               30 to 100                        |
|                              Perception                        30 to 100                        |
|                              Size                              30 to  90                        |
| Typical Sexes                                                  Male                             |
|                                                                Female                           |
| Languages                    Native                            Anglic                           |
| Specialty Access             Break Fall, Cold Tolerance,       available: degree III, bonus:    |
|                              Killer Instinct, Running,         degree I                         |
|                              Subordination, Tracking, and                                       |
|                              Tumbling                                                           |
|                              Empathy                           available: degree V, bonus:      |
|                                                                degree I                         |
| Traits                       Night Vision                      1                                |
|                              Abstraction                       Yes                              |
|                              Dreaming                          Yes                              |
|                              Euphasia                          Yes                              |
|                              Sentience                         Anthropic                        |
|                              Diet                              Carniphile                       |
| Cultures and Homelands       Losthavener                       Losthaven                        |
| Physical Characteristics     Anatomy                           Quadruped                        |
|                              Natural Weaponry                  Excellent                        |
| Mental Characteristics       Psi                               Psychic                          |

Riishans also appear to gain +5 accumulative access in Psionic skills.

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