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Ordo Verbus Glacialis is the first guild to fully use the new spell casting system.

     You are a member of Ordo Verbus Glacialis, a cabal of magi who study the entropic energies of
 ice and cold.

     Like all magi, you require a handful of esoteric skills that will allow you to manipulate the
 arcane, as well as a deep reserve of spiritual energy.  In addition to these skills and energies,
 you will use several techniques and power stores unique to an initiate of this order.

     At the core of an initiate's study with the order is the esoteric art of Glaciaturgy, the
 arcane manipulation of ice.  It is the rigid and immobile structure of ice that the order has
 sought to emulate in all things, for it is their belief that only within a strict hierarchy which
 is free from all other distractions shall true power be found.

     The ultimate goal of the Ordo Verbus Glacialis is simple: subversive order in all things.  The
 Tower of Geladia has fallen before -- not to the overt strength or subtle cunning of outside
 powers, but instead to a weakness of mind and a wavering resolve which lead to the destruction of
 the order from within. It is these very weaknesses that the remnants of the White Magi have
 learned from and built upon once more, and with the crystalline structure of ice, the biting
 severity of cold, and the creeping inevitability of entropy that the order shall stake its claim
 of dominance over the chaotic landscape of the world.

     These three principles -- cold, entropy, and order -- serve as the catalysts of your ability
 to manipulate and resonate with magickal energies to create any number of powerful effects for the
 betterment of the order.  Power comes to initiates in many forms; some are as gentle as freshly
 fallen snow, while others are like a raging avalanche.  Tempering and controlling such forms of
 power for the greater good is key to becoming a successful member of the Order, and thereby
 mastering the Frozen Word.
     All new practitioners of the Ordo Verbus Glacialis begin as simple initiates, the title of which 
 is based off ones gender.  You should address all members of fellow rank with proper title and 
 respect as this is the very basis upon which our order is founded.  All members of higher rank are to 
 be treated strictly as your superiors and any deviation from this simple rule could result in dire consequences.  
 Lastly, as you progress through the ranks of the Order also remember where you came from and keep a firm, but 
 caring hand towards, your lesser members.

     The order has a communication channel accessed using the commands 'verbus', 'ovg', and

     Read 'help spells' for information on your spells and spellcasting.  See 'help spell summary'
 for a quick display of your spell information.



To join visit the Lair of Winterchill and talk to Aristides in the the corner. Joining phrase is "I request to study under the White Order" which can be viewed in his info.

Aristides understands the languages Thari, Enochian, Caladan, Graecan and some Anglic. It has been confirmed you can join speaking Anglic, but it may take several tries for him to understand you.

Minimum Specialty_points requirements (less bonus specs) are Intelligence = 1, Ego = 1, Willpower = 3

OVG is currently hardcoded to be incompatible with the Priest affiliation type, but allows the Devotional affiliation type.


If you've progressed at least 3 levels since joining, you may leave by telling Aristedes "I no longer need the knowledge of the White Order". Rejoin time is around 3 months. Leaving while Magus Gelidus extends rejoin timer to 12 months.


Ordo Verbus Glacialis requires one specialty in each of: Cryoturgy, Eideturgy, Evocation, Glaciaturgy and Klimaphrasty

Anatomy                  3 
Anglic                   3 
Animal Lore              2 
Arcane Lore             10 
Arctic Fieldcraft        4 
Aretophrasty            10 
Awareness                2 
Bellerophrasty          10 
Cartography              2 
Centering               10 
Combat Reflexes          3 
Concentration           10 
Conjuration             10 
Cosmology                2 
Courage                  1
Cryoturgy               25 
Dagger                   3 
Diplomacy                1
Discipline               3 
Dodge                    5 
Eavesdropping            1
Elude Pursuit            2 
Enchantment             10 
Enochian                10 
Equilibrium             10 
Ergiphrasty             10 
Evocation               35 
Fast Talk                2 
Finance                  1
Find Weakness            2 
First Aid                3 
Gambling                 1
Gem Lore                 2 
Glaciaturgy             25 
Haggling                 1
Hardiness                3 
History                  3 
Hylophrasty             10 
Imagination              4 
Insect Lore              2 
Introspection           10 
Killer Instinct          3 
Klimaphrasty            25 
Law                      2 
Leadership               2 
Legerdemain              4 
Lexiturgy               25 
Linguistics             10 
Literacy                10 
Lockpicking              1
Logic                    4 
Logistics                1
Martial Arts             3 
Massive Blow             3 
Massive Exertion         3 
Mathematics              4 
Meditation              10 
Memory                  10 
Metaphysics             10 
Ownership                4 
Pain Tolerance           2 
Philosophy               4
Physics                  4
Plant Lore               2
Politics                 4
Precision Strike         2
Prestidigitation        10
Psychology               4
Qlippotic Lore           4
Resilience               4
Spatiophrasty           10
Staff                    5
Stamina                  3
Steadiness               2
Subordination            3
Summoning               10
Swimming                 1
Symbology               10
Teaching                 4
Thanaturgy              10
Thaumaturgy             10
Theology                 4
Throwing                 3
Traps                    1
Unarmed Combat           3
Vocalization            10
Weapon Lore              2
Wyrding                  4


Detailed List of Ordo Verbus Glacialis Spells

Quick Summary of Ordo Verbus Glacialis Spells

There are still a great many spells that have not yet been discovered or listed here. A character will gain knowledge of new spells as their skills increase. A character will also be able to select a specific focus, which will grant them the possibility to learn additional spells in relation to the magickal skill of the focus. Some foci options will be known while some others will remain secret.

Spells are cast in steps with more complex spells having more steps. Each step will use different skills, and if you are not proficient enough then the spell will go out of control, and any energy involved will likely damage you. The setting 'set depiction verbose spellcasting to on' will provide feedback about where things are going well or poorly.

Each spell will also use different energy types. Energy conversion spells can be used to get the various types. In general Spiritual Energy is converted to Magickal Energy, and then Magickal Energy is converted to Entropic/Cold/Ice/Order Energies. If you have no Magickal Energy then Spirit Energy will be auto converted. Ice Energy will use Entropic/Cold Energy if you don't have any Magickal or Spirit Energy available.

     Ordo Verbus Glacialis Spells
     Before any spells may be cast, one must enter into the proper mental state for hermetic spellcasting, forming a mental link with the magickal forces one
 wishes to wield.
     For members of the White Order, this link is called a acuere magicae -- a mental approximation of the forces of magick and ice.  To initiate your acuere 
 magicae, visualize a snowflake manifested from raw magickal essence.  To dismiss it, visualize a snowflake melting.
     The syntax for casting spells is 'cast <spell name> [on <target> | with <component> | without
 <spell step>]'.  
     Each spell has its own help file accessed by typing 'help <spell name>'.  The spells available
 to you are as follows:
     You may see a summary of the spell list by typing 'help spell summary'.
     Almost all combat spells require you to aim them and can potentially be dodged; your attack rating with these spells is determined by your telesmatic weapon
 along with the relevant magickal control skills (such as cryoturgy) and their mother attributes.


To cast a spell, simply type "cast <spell name>". One specifies targets with the preposition "on", and specifies components with the preposition "with".

Certain steps in spellcasting are optional and can be skipped. Skipping a step will tend to make casting the spell more difficult and more energetically expensive. However, it results in the spell being faster to cast, and can indirectly aid in the spell being cast by skipping steps that involve magickal skills with which one is less practiced. To skip spellcasting steps, use the preposition "without".

The order of the prepositions matters: first specify targets, then components, then skipped steps.

To get a description of the steps one uses to cast a spell, set the "verbose spellcasting" depiction to on. This will also give you an indication of how well one is managing the spellcasting process.

For most spellcasting steps it is possible to fumble the spellcasting process if one's relevant magickal skills and their mother attributes are insufficient to manage even a skeleton of the correct procedure. The effects of fumbling vary, but typically involve one being overwhelmed by the type of energies involved in controlling that spell step, resulting in damage to one's body and spiritual energy reserves. For example, if one fumbled glacialis globus, a spell involving glaciaturgy, one would receive ice damage that affected both one's body and spirit. Skipping spellcasting steps makes the spell more difficult to control and thus makes fumbling more likely.

   cast glacialis globus
   cast glacialis globus on bill
   cast glacialis globus on bill without speaking the incantation
   cast magicae cristallum with diamond
   cast magicae cristallum with diamond without speaking the incantation


Sometimes, when you go to see Aristides, he will tell you that he's 'noticed your progress' and hand you this amulet, which confers the office of Magus Gelidus. It vanishes when you next die.

  • NB: In my experience, you only qualify for the office if you have set a focus.
  • Mochi 04/28/21: I was able to get the office once I had enough foci experience to set a focus, but did not have a focus set yet when Aristides handed the amulet to me.

Wearing the amulet provides two major benefits. First, it enables you to cast the spell Accersere Mortem, which summons the undead ice dragon (aka dracolich) Winterchill. This spell requires a death crystal to cast. Second, the amulet provides boosts to most core OVG skills.

You wear your snowflake amulet around your neck.
You feel a rapid expanse of your mental facilities as your snowflake amulet pushes a flurry of structured and frosted auroric energies throughout your spirit.
Your skin turns blue-white.
You experience the ideas and methodologies for manipulating arctic energies from another consciousness enter your mind.

It should be noted that if one is holding the office of Magus Gelidus, one may utilize the effects outlined in the spell Industria Volu without the aid of two other Ordo Verbus Glacialis members.


 Ordo Verbus Glacialis Foci
   Members of the White Order often find themselves favoring one specific type of energy utilized by their spells.
   Those with sufficient mastery over manipulating a specific esoteric energy are able to attune their spirits to its magickal signature.
   Little is known about foci and exactly how the process occurs, but most usually advancement in them has a direct link to one's magickal skill to the
related energy, time spent in the White Order, or even experiences had during one's time as a student.
   The currently available foci are:
     amicus          magicae          frigidum          incantamentum          sceptrum          proelium          structura          entropia

Important note: Setting a focus requires a static one thousand spell points, meaning you must be at or over 1000 SP when attempting to set one. Being at full SPs while under 1000 will not help. Talk to Aristides to set your focus.

Additionally, your focus can be changed once per week, but removing your focus sets your focus experience to 0.


Regarding Weapons and OVG: <Developer Starhound> Any ovg is completely intended to utilize one of their weapons, primarily the staff unless you have specific reasons to use other forms of combat (such as the dagger or unarmed). You're meant to at least use it for passive discharge attacks or for defense/deflection.

An interesting history book excerpt:

The fourth page is written in silvery script and discusses the fall of the original Order of the White Magi in the city of Palanthas in the arctic north. It seems that, through the Conclave formed by the White, Red, and Black Orders, the White Magi became corrupted by the Black, some of their members coming to commit terrible atrocities. A victim of one such act was the leader of the unicorns, who was transformed into a stone statue while her horn was made into an icicle and hidden deep within a glacier. There is more writing on this page, but the rest has been smeared; the only word which can be distinguished clearly is "Remorhaz".

Incompatible Associations

Commander Tredwel says, --> As a Soror Verbus Glacialis, you could not become a guard by joining the Losthaven Guard. <-- to you.

The white-skinned male human says, [/\ You cannot join The Stalkers of the Gate because you are a proponent of order. \/] to you.

Can't be a Chaotic, Priest, Guard, or Soldier.

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