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--> the Losthaven Guard <--

The Losthaven Guard is the central point of order, peace, and law-enforcement in the bustling hub-city of Losthaven. Established in the early years of the city's founding by King Almior, the Guard has served the city well, ensuring that the corruption and vagrancies that afflict other cities don't spread like wildfire.

By working diligently to keep the city safe, members of the Guard have become entitled to armour and weapons free of charge from various merchants around the city. For cloth armour visit Veruca at the Losthaven Fashion Shoppe. For leather armour visit the Loomis brother's tannery. For anything and everything steel-related visit Mallek in his smithy. For melee weapons you will want to seek out Grebor, or if a bow is more your style head to Iolo's shop.

How to Join

  1. locate Commander Jonathan Tredwel of the Losthaven Guard (he patrols the town)
  2. Tell him, "I want to enlist with the Losthaven Guard" in Anglic.
  3. If you meet the requirements, welcome!
  • Wear your tabard, which gives you access to the losthaven guard channel. Show your loyalty to Losthaven.
  • Help guard the town when it becomes under attack



  • First degree specialist in Law (Intelligence)
  • Either be of the Losthavener culture or have enough notoriety (minimum 6qp)
  • Can't be a wanderer, outlaw, mercenary, deceiver, or destroyer affiliation type.

Rank and Honor

As a member of the Losthaven Guard you have entered into an organization of individuals who hold onto and follow a strict hierarchy of command. All new members start out as the lowly recruit, but through hard work, honorable defense of the city, and deeds above and beyond the call of duty one may ascend the ranks -- earning respect and greater rewards along the way.

Upper Command
                              Captain / \ Captain
                             /--------   --------\
                 Lieutenant /                     \ Lieutenant
                 -----|-----                       -----|-----
                      |                                 |
                  Sergeant                           Sergeant
                  --------                           --------

Rank and File
                       Corporal /      |      \ Constable
                       ---------       |       ----------

You may see rank-specific help by typing help <rank>.

Honor, for the Losthaven Guard, is a singular word that actually accounts for a few different factors that the guard leadership values.

Primary among these values is duty. Your main function as a member of the Losthaven Guard is to defend the city from roaming attackers, keep the peace between citizens, and facilitate law and order among the populace in general. Your effectiveness and previous record of performing these duties accounts for the largest part of your perceived honor among your peers and ranking officers.

No less important are the values of respect and discipline. When you combine these two values by displaying unerring respect to the members of your unit, and to your superior officers, while maintaning the sharp vigilance of a well-trained soldier you not only perform your job more fully, but you gain the mutual respect of your peers; the benefits of which, both tangible and intangible, are hard to deny.

In moments of quiet repose you may think over the actions you have performed in the past and by doing so perhaps gain some insight into how well you are honored among your peers. To do so, simply type think of my honor.

Specialty Access and Privileges of Rank


Requirements  : Losthaven Guard honor of barely trustworthy or higher

Color  : Red

Min  Max  Bon  Specialty
     +1         Archery
     +1         Axe
     +1         Bludgeon
     +1         Brawling
     +1         Carousing
     +3         Courage
     +1         Crossbow
     +1         Dagger
     +1         Flail
     +1         Hammer
 1   +3         Law
     +1         Pole arm
     +1         Shield
     +1         Sling
     +1         Spear
     +1         Staff
     +2         Subordination
     +1         Sword
     +1         Telesmatic Weapon
     +1         Throwing


Requirements  : Losthaven Guard honor of noteworthy or higher

Color  : Maroon

Min  Max  Bon  Specialty
     +3         Discipline
     +2         Lack of weakness


Requirements  : Losthaven Guard honor of praiseworthy or higher

Color  : Pale blue

Min  Max  Bon  Specialty
     +1         Hardiness
     +1         Recuperation
     +1         Resilience
     +1         Stamina
     +1         Steadiness


Requirements  : Losthaven Guard honor of respected or higher

Color  : Blue

Guard command  : Yes

Min  Max  Bon  Specialty
     +3         Armour Use
     +2         Streetwise


Requirements: Losthaven Guard honor of admired or higher and has at least 80 points among 70% of law skill and 30% of leadership skill

Color  : Forest green

Guard command  : Yes

Warhorse access : Yes

Min  Max  Bon  Specialty
     +1         Equestrian
     +1         Mounted combat
     +1         Riding


Requirements  : Losthaven Guard honor of rather celebrated or higher, law skill of 120 or higher and leadership skill of 60 or higher

Color  : Bronze

Guard command  : Yes

Warhorse access : Yes


Requirements  : Losthaven Guard honor of rather distinguished or higher, law skill of 150 or higher and leadership skill of 80 or higher

Color  : Silver

Guard command  : Yes

Warhorse access : Yes

Abilities  : rally


Requirements  : Losthaven Guard honor of very exalted or higher

Color  : Gold

Guard command  : Yes

Warhorse access : Yes

Association Trainers

Commander Jonathan Tredwel

Captain Terethrond the Master of Archers

Lieutenant Durit Kolbad

Berek van Limdal the Losthaven Guard magician

Sergeant Sthainath

Commanding the Guards

When you've gained the Guard rank or higher you can command lower ranked guards to do certain tasks. Most follower commands work.

  • You can tell a guard to defend an individual by saying guard, defend somefoobody
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