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Members of Ordo Verbus Glacialis who align themselves with the study of the lexiturgic properties of ice are granted access to a wide array of both combative, healing, and defensive spells. It is believed in the White Order that ice itself is deeply seeded with roots of lexiturgic energy, giving its solid and dense qualities which is often reflected in the spells students of this focus display.

   Experience Requirements
       Rank One : 5000000
       Rank Two : 10000000
       Rank Three : 15000000
       Rank Four : 25000000
   Knowledge Requirements
       Rank One : have at least 125 points in unmodified lexiturgy skill
       Rank Two : have at least 150 points in unmodified lexiturgy skill
       Rank Three : have at least 180 points in unmodified lexiturgy skill
       Rank Four : have at least 225 points in unmodified lexiturgy skill


Level 1

Fortes Compages

   Common Name: Strong Structure
   Summary: intense channeling of order energy
   Those who have aligned their spirits with the essence of structure find themselves granted with the ability to channel a higher degree of their magickal and spiritual energies into order energy.

Iussit Glacies Testa

   Common Name: Ordered Ice Shard
   Summary: ordered-ice based attack
   This spell conjures a mass of tangible frost into the caster's hands.  The caster then uses trace amounts of order energy to structure and shape this mass into a deadly razor-edged shard of ice to launch at their target.

Level 2

   Ordo Verbus Glacialis Spell: Iussit Tactus
   Common Name: Healing Touch
   Summary: lexiturgic healing grasp
   Students of the White Order who have a moderate attunment to the forces of order are able to infuse those who trust them with lexiturgic energy to create a healing effect

Level 3

   Ordo Verbus Glacialis Spell: Aedificium Unda
   Common Name: Structure Wave
   Knowledge Requirement: Ordo Verbus Glacialis Current Focus of structura and Ordo Verbus Glacialis Current Focus Rank of 3 or higher
   Summary: wave of ordered energy
   Members of the White Order who have a extreme degree of understanding in the relation of structure to ice itself are able to extract that essence and manifest it in a pulse of ordered energy to attack those in their nearby


Level 4

   Ordo Verbus Glacialis Spell: Emendatus Forma
   Common Name: Improved Form
   Knowledge Requirement: Ordo Verbus Glacialis Current Focus of structura and Ordo Verbus Glacialis Current Focus Rank of 4 or higher
   Summary: inner lexiturgic energy stream
   Members of the White Order who become extremely related to the lexiturgic qualities of ice are able to manifest a stream of ordered energy throughout their bodies.  Doing so offers several advantages to the sudent as they can

mentally will the effects of the energy stream to take on different qualities in relation to the other energies used by Ordo Verbus Glacialis. One may alter the status of their lexiturgic stream simply by willing it to be infused with the essence of ice, cold, entropy, or magick. One may also normalize their stream by willing it to. Once the stream is manifested it requires a moderate amount of ordered energy to maintain, if infused the related energy extended through the stream also becomes taxed in conjunction. The lexiturgic stream can also be dispersed by willing it to halt, or casting warmth. Finally, to switch between infused states one must return their lexiturgic stream to a normalized state before adjusting to a alternative energy type.

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