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Some members of the White Order pursue a path of spiritual and emotional connection to a familiar in the classic hermetic tradition,

   establishing and nuturing an astral bond with an animal.  In addition to the normal animals bondable by hermetic magicians, members of 
   Ordo Verbus Glacialis may also bond animals of the arctic persuasion, a capability unique to them.  This bonding mechanism is known as 
   praxis algus amicus, which can be loosely translated into the common tongue as 'the process of companionship through frost'.
    Experience Requirements 
        Rank One : 5000000
    Knowledge Requirements 
        Rank One : have at least 125 points among unmodified empathy skill and unmodified introspection skill

Known Familiar Types

These are a list of the animals you get a message for when you imagine bonding them.

No for Lynxes, Eishund

This is an incomplete list. If you find any new information please feel free to add it.

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