Wolf (Empathic Bond)

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You experience feelings of cunning, ruthlessness, feral power, and sanguiphrastic resonance.

You experience visions of otherworldly spirits.



You sense a lack of mutual interest from the gray female wolf, as though there is something it is keenly aware of about which you are ignorant.

(10 arcane lore seemed to do it.)

Known Abilities

    The huge faintly shimmering mana aura around the white female arctic wolf sizzles angrily, and
then fades.

Anja Chakra

Wolf familiars open and charge the Ajna (indigo) chakra which provides a large bonus to perception, grants astral perception, and when fully charged, paravision.

Attribute Modifications

Intellect and Willpower are given a bonus of 75% of bond strength. Vitality and Perception are given a bonus of 50% of bond strength.

Wolf consorts also add their Intellect and Intimidation to their attack and damage ratings.

Skill Bonuses

Skill Access Bonus
Killer Instinct 16 75 + 10% base
Chaos Affinity 12 60
Hardiness 12 60
Intimidation 12 60
Magick Affinity 12 60
Order Affinity 12 60
Qlippotic Affinity 12 60
Sephirotic Affinity 12 60
Tracking 12 60
Equilibrium 9 45
Centering 7 35
Breath Control 4 20
Courage 4 20
Massive Blow 4 20
Massive Exertion 4 20
Recuperation 4 20
Somatesthesia 4 20
Stamina 4 20
Leadership 3 none
Subordination 3 none


Very Healthy




  • No additional charms.
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