Carrion Bird (Empathic Bond)

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Bonding Requirements

Carrion birds are battlefield scavengers, and are very much associated with death and the dead. Mortuary skill is required to bond to them, about five will suffice.

Known Abilities

The carrion bird is an opportunistic avian scavenger, found in nearly every region. It can fly, eats corpses, and can see in the dark. The carrion bird type consists of vultures, crows and ravens. The only real difference known is size and starting level.

Attribute Modifications

Bonding to a carrion bird provides its consort a large bonus to ego, moderate bonuses to intelligence and willpower, and a small bonus to perception.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
entropy affinity 16 75 + 10% base
thanaturgy 15 75
memory 12 50
wyrding 9 45
archery 8 40
centering 8 40
channeling 8 40
mortuary 7 35
spirit lore 7 35
flight 4 20
legend lore 4 20
metasenses 4 20
sky fieldcraft 4 20
arcane lore 3 none
anatomy 2 none
metaphysics 2 none
theology 2 none
elder lore 1 none


You sense that you have one method by which you can form an empathic bond: a full essence bond via 
witchcraft, a means provided by the Coven.  This bond requires a familiar that is avian, animal, and 
totemic and forbids a familiar that is anthropic.  This bond is fulfilled by <§> Meg <§>, with whom your 
connection is complete.  You sense that she is thoroughly satiated and thoroughly quenched.  You may break 
your empathic bond with her by concentrating on doing so.
   You sense that this bond is enabling you to perform loads of charms, arcane feats accomplished by 
simple mental acts.

Initially on bonding:

Shortly after:

   The ability to weave shadows into arrows.  To do this, concentrate on weaving shadow into an  
arrow or arrows.
   This is a more complex magic than first assumed. At my skill(s) level, the shadow arrows do all sorts 
of black magic type lingering damage mixes. The duration of this enchantment, given an Everfull
quiver, may be skill based too; after a while most of the enchantment is spent, and while the 
arrow looks the same, it will return to simple shadow damage.

Towards the end of "very frail" bond strength:

At the middle of "fairly healthy" bond strength:

At the beginning of "very healthy" bond strength:

   The ability to conjure a hellhound from the corpse of a wolf.  To do this, concentrate on 
conjuring a hellhound.

Middle of Very Healthy

Late Robust

   The ability to use the eyebeam of the severed eyestalk of a bezhuldaar.  To do this, 
concentrate on channeling entropic energy at your target through eyestalk.
   The good part is the eyebeams shoot their former power. The bad part is the attack
skills according to a dev are power direction and gaze weapon which we were
not given any specialty access, so we can't hit anything other than low-level targets.
This oversight is rather unfortunate for black sisters.


Late Resilient

   The ability to suffuse an item with entropy.  To do this, concentrate on suffusing the item 
with entropic energy.
  • Note: Entropy infusion works much in the same was as chaos infusion or order infusion, replacing some material of the item being infused with entropic forms of matter. The charm tends not to convert items to entropic matter very quickly, and typically takes several applications to reach a point where the physical makeup of the item cannot be converted further.

Middle of Deep

Very Deep

Midway through Very Deep

During Intimate

   The ability to enchant an ordinary gemstone to orbit around your head and bestow various
benefits.  This charm requires the brainstem of a pegasus as a component.  To do this, concentrate on the 
moving empyrian power rooted within the brainstem into the desired gemstone.

Midway through Nearly Complete

   The ability to envelop yourself in a shroud of passed souls.  To do this, will the souls 
of the dead to protect me.  To end the effects of this charm, will the souls of the dead to  
cease protecting me.


   The ability to weave the essence of darkness into arrows.  To do this, concentrate on weaving gloom into an arrow or arrows. Unlike our 
shadow arrows, this ability infuses a great deal of entropic energy, generally into a single arrow. The resulting arrow will not 
duplicate in an everfull quiver and will also be destroyed upon use, however will hit devastatingly.
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