Ordo Verbus Glacialis Spell Summary

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WIP: Several known spells not added

Spell Description Common name Type
Algus lingering atmospheric chill chill area attack
Frigida Tempestate ice-based area attack frozen storm area attack
Frigus Arcus cold based slowing area attack cold arc area attack
Frigus Ventus cold exhale attack frozen breath area attack
Deficiens Glacies Testa entropic ice shard decaying ice shard attack
Glacialis Globus elemental ice attack frozen ball attack
Iussit Glacies Testa ordered-ice based attack ordered ice shard attack
Magicae Telum magickal dart attack magick dart attack
Magicae Texebtium magickal beam attack magick beam attack
Magicis Glacies Testa sorcerous ice shard magickal ice shard attack
Novaculata Glaciem ice shard attack ice shard attack
Pulsus Mortem soul removal death pulse attack
Construere Glaciem ice amalgamal manifestation construct ice conjuration
Receptui conjuration recall recall conjuration
Uirgae Constringitur wand manifestation frozen wand construction
Virgam Glaciem ice staff manifestation icy staff construction
Algus Praesidium protection from cold cold ward enchantment
Anima Nivis snow spirit snowy soul enchantment
Animi Gelidusque body numb icy resolve enchantment
Frigus Calori arctic enchantment melting warmth enchantment
Frigus Infundite cryomer infusing cold infuse enchantment
Frigus Manus icy martial enhancement frost fists enchantment
Glaciem Anima ice based aura ice soul enchantment
Industria Volu atmospheric swirl energy swirl enchantment
Lex Glaciei order infused ice crystal law of ice enchantment
Mortiferum Amplexionem entropic aura deadly embrace enchantment
Praecipio wand recharge charge enchantment
Scutum Nix defensive snow enchantment snow shield enchantment
Tenebris Generationem darkness aura enhancement darkness generation enchantment
Industria Congregatione energy collection gathering of energy energy channeling
Magicae Accumulatio magickal energy collection magickal accumulation energy channeling
Frigus Cristallum cold energy storage cold crystal energy condensing
Glaciem Cristallum ice energy storage ice crystal energy condensing
Magicae Cristallum magickal energy storage magick crystal energy condensing
Mortem Cristallum entropic energy storage death crystal energy condensing
Structura Cristallum order energy storage order crystal energy condensing
Frigora Intensa intense channeling of cold energy intense frost energy conversion
Frigus Evoco gathering of cold energy evocation of cold energy conversion
Glaciem Evoco gathering of ice energy evocation of ice energy conversion
Imperium Evoco gathering of order energy evocation of order energy conversion
Magicae Evoco channeling of magickal energy evocation of magick energy conversion
Mortem Evoco gathering of entropic energy evocation of entropy energy conversion
Redundantia Frigus extreme channeling of cold energy extreme cold evocation energy conversion
Summa Glacies intense channeling of ice energy intense ice energy conversion
Vehementi Magicae intense channeling of magickal energy intense magick evocation energy conversion
Industriae Extractionem crystal energy removal energy extraction energy extraction
Sciatis Prudentiam magickal identification gain insight identification
Iter Gelidas teleportation to Lapis Obilisk frozen travels transportation
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