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The sacrament of confession is a rite by which one's sins are acknowledged, examined, and forgiven by the grace of Yehovah's mercy. In order to perform confession, you, the penitent, will need a confessor, who acts on behalf of Yehovah in the rite; this may be any ordained priest of the Pantarchic Church. Confession is ordinarily performed in a set of adjoining private rooms in a church, called a contristy, though this is not required.

Each of your sins has a cardinality; this, in the simplest terms, is the number of times it has occurred since your last confession, when the slate was last wiped clean. In His full and certain knowledge of the condition of your soul, Yehovah is aware of the true cardinality of all your sins. The more precisely and accurately you, in the rite of confession, acknowledge that cardinality, the more successful the rite will be at bringing you closer to Yehovah and making His power and glory an indwelling presence within your soul. A well and faithfully performed confession heightens one's grace and brings blessings of Lord Yehovah, called benisons, upon the penitent.

The Pantarchic Church calls for frequent confession from all its members, from the probata to the hegemon. The time between confessions, called the lapse, may be as short as one hour, though the rite is less effective when so often repeated; the optimal lapse, as declared by hegemonic theophemy, is one day.

Confession must be performed in one of the ordained liturgical languages of the Church: Caladan and Anglic.

A point of doctrine that rarely comes into practice, but bears close attention when it does, is that of partition of confession. Essentially, this means that once the rite of confession has begun, the sins it will address are sealed at its starting point. Should the penitent suffer further sin during the rite of confession, for example, this sin must be addressed at the penitent's next confession, as it will not be included in the present one. Further, should the rite of confession be interrupted, when it is resumed it is still the same confession taking place; any sins suffered between the interruption and resumption of the rite, even if the rite is resumed by a different confessor, do not become a part of the present confession, and remain to be confessed in the future. This is also means that the lapse is measured from the start of one confession to the start of the next, not from the end of the first to the start of the next.

   Perform Confession
   Usage: perform confession to <confessor>
   Typical Activity Cost: 100


One's grace is the measure of one's spiritual growth toward Lord Yehovah, and is primarily attained through true and faithful confession. As one progresses on this journey of the soul, it becomes possible for one to receive progressively greater benisons from confession.

Zeratul: At high grace, by note of Chaos, accurate confessions can grant permanent bonuses to attributes, large buffs, and bonus specs to stuff like sephirotic affinity.

Benerius: As a note, the permanent attribute bonuses only apply until you're at +10 bonus in an attribute. For example, if you have -30 willpower, Yehovah can grant you up to +40 willpower which will pull you out of the negatives and up to +10 and can do that for any number of attributes below +10 permanent adjustment as many times as needed.

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