The Green Chapel

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The Green Chapel is an ancient shrine located on the northwestern part of Avalon, home to the infamous Bercilak the Green Knight. This knight is indeed the very same green knight that challenged one of King Arthur's Knights, Gawain, using some very questionable regulations.

                         X                                X X X X
                        / \                               | | | |
                       X   X                            X-X-X-X-X-X    
                        \ /                             |         |
                         X*                           ~*X         X*~
            Down x2~*X-X-X-X-X *~Down x2
                           X X
                           |  \
                           X   X
                           |    \
                           X     X
                          /|\   / \
                         X-X X-X   X
                          \|/   \ /
                           E     X
             X=  Room
             *~= Change in Vertical Direction
             П=  This connection is quite screwy, If you go NE from the center room its the same as NE from the entrance 
             E=  Entrance
           -/\|= Path



The Green Chapel is located at (-31, 34, 0) in Avalon (Global: (131, 115, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

Notable Attractions

  • The Inner Sanctum
  • The Arena (closed)
  • Underground Passageways


  • Area alignment:
  • Underneath Bercilak's inner sanctum there are underground passageways; these passageways contain rooms that house many dragons, each a different color.
  • The entrances to each of the dragon's rooms are guarded by dana priests.
End of spoiler information.


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