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Sentinels is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

This guild was decommissioned by change 6068.



The Sentinels were mercenary warriors with a small loyalty to Leonid of Devonshire, for it is he that made that suits of steam powered armour that they wore.

Manual for the Operation of Obscure Arcana.  volume IV.
If you are reading this, you have decided to aid me in the
accumulation of magickal energies.  To this end, I have created an
interface that when worn will syphon through several channels small
amounts of mystical power from your being.  In exchange, you will 
have at your command an array of powers which you may employ however
you wish.  The particular piece of obscure arcana to which I refer is
a suit of steam-powered armour.

It is essential that you use this interface as often as you
can, so that I can generate enough energy to feed the twins.  To do
so, you merely need to activate the suits powers.  These powers
include beam, conversion, shield, flight, and portal.  The beam is further
defined by its type: blind, stun, slow, and harm.  As you'll see,
its really quite simple and you should pick up on the mechanics in
no time.  If no arguments are given for the beam's effects, your 
attacker will be chosen.

One of the most important things to remember about this piece of obscure 
arcana -- and a generally good rule of thumb -- is to avoid contact with any
being with multiple eye-stalks.

Have fun,
Leonid of Devonshire

addendum a) Seek one of the twins if you find your suit sustaining terrific
           damage.  They'll fix it for a little cash.
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


Find Leonid in Devonshire and ask him "can I borrow some armour"

Remember to put the armour on. You cannot drop the armor by any means (including death!) if you are in the guild, so you may as well have it on.

Races that are not anthropic cannot join because their extra limbs will not fit in the suit.

If you wish to leave you must have gained at least three levels since joining to do so, though you may then rejoin immediately.

Required Specialties

Specialty Access

This is now hilariously out of date, sorry. -shinichizio

Better than Adventurers

Armour Operation        20
Artificing		2
Centering               8
Channeling              8
Cold Tolerance		1
Flight                  8
Hardiness		4
Heat Tolerance		4
Machine Operation       20
Physics                 10
Recuperation            8

Slightly worse than Adventurers

Armour Use              8
Lack of Weakness        8
Massive Blow            8
Massive Exertion        8
Pain Tolerance          8
Unarmed Combat          8

Significantly worse than Adventurers/Other

Anatomy			1
Anglic			3
Animal Lore		1
Archery			4
Armour Lore		4
Athleticism		2
Awareness		2
Axe			4
Bludgeon		4
Breath Control		2
Combat Reflexes		4
Crossbow		4
Dagger			4
Demolition		4
Digging			1
Diplomacy		4
Discipline		4
Dodge			4
Elude Pursuit		4
Finance			4
Find Weakness		4
Firefighting		4
First Aid		2
Flail			4
Gem Lore		1
Haggling		1
Hammer			4
Intelligence Analysis	1
Intimidation		4
Jumping			2
Killer Instinct		4
Leadership		2
Mathematics		1
Memory			1
Mineral Lore		2
Ownership		4
Pole Arm		4
Practice		4
Precision Strike	4
Resilience		4
Running			4
Scholarship		1
Shield			4
Sling			4
Somatesthesia		1
Spear			4
Staff			4
Stamina			4
Steadiness		4
Stealth			4
Strategy		1
Subordination		4
Swimming		4
Sword			4
Tactics			4
Telesmatic Weapon	4
Throwing		4
Weapon Lore		2

A Reminder

Change 2532 states that Sentinel armour power is determined by Armour Operation, Machine Operation and Physics. Don't neglect these skills!


As a sentinel, you have access to one of the best sets of armour in the game, a massive steam powered suit. This set of armour while worn protects every single limb you have. It weighs 200 Dekans, or enough to heavily encumber most characters. It also provides resistances to most attack types, and a small healing ability while standing in Leonid's workshop. The power of the suits improves with your ability to control it. When you first wear it, it has a 100 bonus to strength and a 50 penalty to dexterity. The bonus to strength will increase and the penalty to dexterity will decrease with improvements in your armour operation and machine operation skills.

The suit has a small selection of powers, which use your spirit points to run.


>activate beam to <type> [<target>/<targets>]
>activate beam to stun mouse
Your large suit of bronze machinery armour fires a charged bolt of energy
at the brown female mouse.

A basic ranged combat attack. Can be used to blind, stun, slow, and harm.


>activate conversion
You feel an infusion of stamina as you focus your spirit into your large
suit of bronze machinery armour.

Converts SP into stamina to let you run massive exertion for longer


>activate shield
A large field of prismatic force expands from your large suit of bronze
machinery armour rapidly encompassing it.
>deactivate shield
 The large field of prismatic force around your large suit of bronze
machinery armour disperses.

Prevents even more damage. How long the shield stays active depends upon you skills in machine operation.


>activate flight
Tubes on the back of your large suit of bronze machinery armour suddenly
begin emitting a downward wash of hot steam, and the large suit of bronze
machinery armour rises up.

Lets you fly.


>activate portal
A scintilla of dark energy flares from your large suit of bronze machinery
armour spreading into a black portal before it.

Teleports you to Leonid's workshop or, if your skills are too low, it could teleport you to a random place.


One of the basic enhancements a Sentinel can have done to its suit is to give Leonid a gem fragment. Since Leonid himself is left-handed, that where he places the first fragment. A second fragment will be attached to the armor's right wrist. Any fragments delivered to Leonid while both wrists have a functioning fragment will be destroyed, so take care. Fragments are exceedingly rare, but well worth the effort to find them.

  • Ruby = Fire
  • Emerald = Eskara
  • Garnet = Heat
  • Onyx = Thunder
  • Topaz = <Unknown, plasma doesn't exist anymore, someone fill this in.>
  • Aquamarine = Cold
  • Diamond = Air
  • Sapphire = Lightning
  • Sunstone = Light

(Subject to further verification)

End of spoiler information.
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