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The Maidens of the Spear, or Far Dareis Mai, are one of the many 'Aiel warrior societies'. They only allow women to join. As a member of the Spearmaidens, you receive certain benefits in combat due the intense training that they receive. Of course there are certain restrictions also, in addition to the normal restrictions placed on 'Aiel', the most notable one being that you cannot marry or be married while a Maiden. If you ever do get married, you will be forced to leave the Maidens. Also, if for some reason you become male, you will be bound and left exposed to the elements in the desert.

A particular skill of the Spearmaidens is Shan Dareis, also known as maidentalk, a kind of language that uses hand gestures instead of speech. Shan Dareis is not to be taught to outsiders, ever.

                               -= Aiel =-

The Aiel are a group of nomads that live in the great desert. It is said that they forgot their duty in ages past, which is why they must wander the desert, but nobody knows the truth anymore. The Aiel are divided into twelve different clans, each trying to outdo the other clans. As a result, the different clans are constantly at war.

Aiel are considered extremely deadly in combat. As a group, they follow certain ideas about what weapons can be used in combat. They will never use an item that is solely designed for war, thus, they will not use swords, polearms, crossbows, flails, or maces in a fight. Also, weapons that do not serve a purpose in hunting, such as axes and hammers, are not used in combat by the Aiel. Heavier armours are not worn normally, since it restricts their way of fighting, which consists of quick strikes and avoidence of blows aimed at them. This method is useless on mounts also, so they rarely, if ever, use them.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.



The Spearmaidens' camp wanders the plains of Ebiria, generally moving one room at a time every ~10 to 15 minutes. If you are already within the camp, you will move with it. By far the easiest way to find the camp is to ask a Spearmaiden to locate it for you.

Scrying for Sulin doesn't work:

    Some force seems to be preventing you from divining information about the tan-skinned female human.

Other options include simply checking every single room of Ebiria, which takes about 45 minutes with a ~30 speed character. The camp is visible as an object in the room in which it is located, and as such is locatable even in brief mode.

    You assert, 'I wish to join the maidens of the spear' in rapidly-accented Anglic.

    The tan-skinned female human says, ++[ I see you have brought me the head of a bogual. ]++
    A tan-skinned female human nods and takes the decayed bogual head from you.

    The tan-skinned female human says, ++[ You must put away your weapons before you can join us.
]++ to you.
    You put away your iron hand axe.

    You assert, 'I wish to join the maidens of the spear' in rapidly-accented Anglic.

    You figure that you should be able to move about more freely in combat now.

    You are now a first-degree specialist in desert fieldcraft, find weakness, and Shan Dareis.
[event logged]

    You are now a fourth-degree specialist in spear. [event logged]

    The tan-skinned female human says, ++[ Greetings, sister. ]++
You have become a Maiden of the Spear.


To leave that society, tell Sulin 'I wish to leave the Maidens of the Spear'.


If your character stops being female for an extended period of time, the spearmaidens will abduct you. They will take you to the camp in Ebria and tie you up.

Being abducted and bound usually results in being banished from the Spearmaidens. Once banished, you no longer know the location of the camp. You maintain your specialty points, bonuses, and requirements for a time, but will eventually receive a message stating that "your wounds have healed" and you will leave the association involuntarily. This can take a significant amount of time (days or weeks).


Requires a bit of spear skill (at least 40 seemed to be enough), and a head of evil mob (a goblin head and an orc head have worked). Also there is a minimum strength requirement; a faerie with maxed initial strength of 40 produced a response: "Sulin says, ++[ You're as weak as a newborn baby, faerie! Come back when you are stronger. ]++ At strength 50 it was ok. Unfortunately, buffs wont work.

One must put away all weapons before asking to join.

			bonus	[min..]max	attribute
Desert Fieldcraft		1..+5		Intelligence
Shan Dareis			1..+5		Intelligence

Running				1..+5		Constitution

Spear			+2	4..+12		Dexterity

Discipline			1..+5		Willpower (might be removed, cannot verify on an Aligned)

Awareness			1..+5		Perception (might be removed, cannot verify on an Aligned)


Skills Axe, Bludgeon, Crossbow, Flail, Hammer, Pole Arm, Staff, and Sword are limited to max specialty degree of 2. Swimming is now allowed.

  • Wise Mothers of the Coven can not join, don't waste your time.
  • Attempting to join and failing due to bad gender or marital status causes a one-month ban. Leaving voluntarily incurs a 9-month ban.
  • I attempted to join as a Losthaven Guard, and was rejected. Tarikun 06:56, 8 April 2013 (EDT)
  • Sulin says, ++[ As a Hawkman, you could not become a wanderer by joining the Maidens of the Spear. ]++ to you.
  • Sulin says, ++[ You cannot join the Maidens of the Spear because you are a hedonist. ]++ to you.

The hedonist affiliations known to you are the Brotherhood of Wine and Song, the Brute Squad, the Coven, and Synousia Algesis.

Maidens are incompatible with soldier affiliations.


Sulin also works as a very cheap association specific trainer and trains most of the required skills and several other useful skills, too.

Sulin will train you if you are not a female, assuming you have not been banished yet.


Certain skills get percentual bonuses. When the skill increases, the bonus amount stays the same until reincarnation. Note that these bonuses are dependent upon staying light and unencumbered; if you are wearing too heavy of armour, you will get the message 'Your armour is reducing your agility in combat.' and the percentual bonus will go away.

Change #6873 - Maidens of the Spear no longer receive percentage-based bonuses to their special skills, instead receiving a flat bonus to those skills with a scaling boost based on skills, modified by encumbrance.

Specialty Details

(There may be more restrictions; can not detect until joining with a character that has more skills.)

			bonus	[min..]max	skill bonus
Awareness			1..+5
Cold Tolerance			1..+5
Courage				1..+5
Desert Fieldcraft		1..+5
Discipline			1..+5
Elude Pursuit			1..+5
Foraging			1..+5
Heat Tolerance			1..+5
Pain Tolerance			1..+5
Running				1..+5		+20%
Shan Dareis			1..+5
Spear			+2	4..+12		+30%
Stealth				1..+5
Tracking			1..+5
Unarmed Combat			1..+5		+30%

Massive Blow			<=2
Axe				<=2
Bludgeon			<=2
Crossbow			<=2
Flail				<=2
Hammer				<=2
Pole Arm			<=2		(added as 0/0/0 with faerie ranger?)
Staff				<=2
Sword				<=2
Swimming			?		(No longer fully restricted)

Escape				+5
Hardiness			+5
Martial Arts			+5		+20%
Massive Exertion		+5
Orienteering			+5
Quickness			+5
Recuperation			+5
Tenacity			+5

Anatomy				+5
Archery				+5		+20%
Balance				+5		+15%
Biofeedback			+5
Blindfighting			+5
Combat Reflexes			+5
Concentration			+5
Dagger				--		+20%	(No spec max change?!)
Dodge				+5		+20%
Find Weakness			+5
Jumping				+5		+20%
Killer Instinct			+5
Lack of Weakness		+5
Precision Strike		+5
Resilience			+5
Shield				--		+30%	(No spec max change?!)
Stamina				+5
Steadiness			+5
Subordination			+5
Torture				+5		(didn't get with faerie ranger; ranger max 0?)
Tumbling			+5		+15%
End of spoiler information.
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