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after an unfortunate warpie accident Sheal became a Neuter Invae

after a short time I was teleported to the nomad camp (whilst linkdead too) and left bound

no commands are allowed whilst int his state,not even OOC or tells to devs you can't even quit ...

click here to see my OOC conversation with Chaos whilst double logged on Nemesys

Chaos intones, [- you're not in a loop, you're probably staked out in the desert -] to you from afar.
You hiss, _-yah .. but i can't seem to get out of it ... can't even quit ....'n cos i'm an invae i'm not even gonna die out  
there in the desert-_ at Chaos from afar in
Chaos intones, [- it goes away -] to you from afar.
You gurgle, 'ahh ...' to Chaos from afar in starkly-accented Anglic.
You burble, -=wanna tell me how long .... ?=- at Chaos from afar in starkly-accented Anglic.
Chaos queries, [- does it matter? -] of you from afar.
You can't do that when you are bound!

after about 90 mins ...

You manage to escape from the ropes.

Nemesys 05:31, 23 August 2009 (EDT)

addenddum ...

after several days play, probably a couple of weeks really, I got this msg ...

Your wounds from being exposed to the harsh elements of the desert are finally healed.
You no longer specialize in jumping, martial arts, quickness or Shan Dareis.
You are now a second-degree specialist in spear.
You are now a third-degree specialist in massive blow.

and guess what i was no longer a Spearmaiden ...!

Nemesys 02:25, 26 September 2009 (EDT)

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