Lhethan Hagal

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  • Location: Wandering
  • Occupation:
  • Look
  This is a chaosborn with gray skin, black hair, and violet eyes. His appearance is 
  one of carefully maintained severity, with nothing out of place. You know him for 
  the legendary Lhethan Hagal, adjutant to generals of the Courts of Chaos throughout 
  history. No matter how many rumors of is demise circulate, he always reappears at 
  the side of a great commander of one House or another often enough mighty Sawall, 
  but by no means exclusively so advising, assisting, strategizing, and imparting the 
  accumulated knowledge of endless ages of military service.
  • Info
 Lhethan is an instructor and responds to the following verbal commands:
   Availability inquiry: Lhethan, what do you teach?
   Cost inquiry:         Lhethan, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
   Instruction request:  Lhethan, teach me <subject(s)>.
  • Trains
 armour lore
 breath control
 combat reflexes
 find weakness
 first aid
 lack of weakness
 poison lore
 qlippotic lore
 unarmed combat
 weapon lore
 wyrding <215
  • Notes
    • He spawns where and whenever the Chime of Vel-Pirilon is rung, and only trains the person that rang it. He will also train creatures that the ringer has befriended, provided the ringer is still present.
Lhethan states, 'I am a twenty-second-degree specialist with one bonus degree in chaos affinity; a twelfth-degree specialist in awareness  
and the use of thrown weapons; a tenth-degree specialist in discipline, the ability to make a precision strike, steadiness, 
subordination, and tactics; an eighth-degree specialist in dancing; a seventh-degree specialist in the use of daggers and logistics; a 
fourth-degree specialist in chaoturgy, the ability to dodge, elder lore, intelligence analysis, the use of swords, and unarmed combat; a 
third-degree specialist in anatomy, balance, combat reflexes, diplomacy, evocation, Exoma fieldcraft, the ability to find an opponent's 
weakness, first aid, lack of weakness, leadership, legend lore, martial arts, the dealing of massive blows, order affinity, poison lore, 
and strategy; a second-degree specialist in armour lore, the use of axes, blindfighting, the use of bludgeons, breath control, climbing,  
combat meditation, dirty fighting, the use of flails, flight, the use of hammers, hardiness, intimidation, law, meditation, philosophy, 
practice, qlippotic lore, recuperation, scholarship, somatesthesia, the use of spears, the use of staves, stamina, streetwise, supernal 
durability,  tracking, training, and weapon lore; a first-degree specialist in aging retardation, animal lore, arcane lore, the 
techniques of breaking falls, centering, equilibrium, chirurgery, cold tolerance, courage, heat tolerance, impact absorption, insect lore, 
introspection, killer instinct, mathematics, physics, teaching, and wyrding; and a first-degree specialist with one 
bonus degree in the Thari language.'
Lhethan states, 'I am a member of the Attuned.'
Lhethan states, 'My strength is superb (though I appear to be effectively functioning at a prodigious level), my intellect is amazing 
(though I appear to be effectively functioning at a preternatural level), my vitality is prodigious (though I appear to be 
effectively functioning at an incredible level), my agility and willpower are amazing (though I appear to be effectively functioning at 
a slightly higher level), my ego is incredible (though I appear to be effectively functioning at an amazing level), and my 
perception is amazing (though I appear to be effectively functioning at a slightly higher level).
He is your companion and is level forty with 2,200,000 experience, leaving 200,000 more experience needed to advance to level forty-one.
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