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Hawkmen Information

The Hawkmen are the elite of the guard forces of Teryx. At Hawkmen Hall in Teryx you will find training resources for you to take advantage of, and some more esoteric points of interest as well. Being a Hawkman is a relatively simple matter with only one true requirement: defend the people of Teryx with your life. Good hunting!

Katar will provide you with the hawk helm that is your symbol of office. It is enchanted to provide several benefits, including boosting speed and enhancing vision. A less-obvious benefit is that, while one is worn, you will benefit from a homing sense that will enable you to find your way to the entryway of Hawkmen Hall from nearly anyplace whence the journey is physically possible. You will need to memorize the entryway of Hawkmen Hall as a location in order to do this, then use the syntax 'go to the entryway of Hawkmen Hall'.

The association communication channel is accessed using the command 'hawkman'.

To join the hawkmen, either have your hometown as Teryx or lens the inhabitants to learn the culture. Find Katar at the entryway of Hawkmen Hall and say "I wish to join the Hawkmen".

As a hawkman, one can request to learn special brawling maneuvers from Katar by asking 'what combat maneuvers can you teach me?'

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Only Aviar can be Hawkmen


Although they get no special commands, Hawkmen do benefit both from the speed boost given by their helms and from the three combat maneuvers that Katar teaches.

The helm provides both enhanced vision (night vision and negative light sensitivity) and a speed boost that increases as the Hawkman's flight skill increases. In time, this speed boost becomes the Hawkman's most powerful weapon.

Katar teaches three different combat maneuvers with varying attack and damage bonuses from flight skill. They are:

Piercing Talon - 10 base activity cost. Large bonus to attack rating from flight.
Small bonus to damage rating from flight. 2x attack mod and 1x damage mod from dex.
Stuns easily.
Soaring Uppercut - 18 base activity cost. Large bonus to attack rating from flight.
Medium bonus to damage rating from flight. 2x attack mod and 2x damage mod from dex.
Falcon Punch - 25 base activity cost - Small bonus to attack rating from flight.
Large bonus to damage rating from flight. 0.7x attack mod and 3x damage mod from dex.

These maneuvers also get both attack and damage bonuses from massive blow, killer instinct, and dirty fighting.

Specialty Bonuses

                  [min..]max   bonus   Attribute
Anatomy               1..+2     +1     Intellect
Archery               1..+2     +1     Perception
Awareness             1..+2     +1     Perception
Combat Reflexes       1..+2     +1     Agility
Courage               1..+2     +1     Willpower
Discipline            3.+10     +2     Willpower
Dodge                 3.+10     +2     Agility
Flight                3.+14     +3     Agility
Foraging              1..+2     +1     Perception
Impact Absorption     1..+2     +1     Vitality
Killer Instinct       2..+6     +2     Perception
Leadership            3.+10     +2     Ego
Massive Blow          1..+2     +1     Strength
Massive Exertion      1..+2     +1     Strength
Precision Strike      1..+2     +1     Perception
Resilience            1..+2     +1     Vitality
Subordination         3.+18     +2     Perception
Sky Fieldcraft        1..+2     +1     Intellect
Spear                 1..+2     +1     Agility
Steadiness            1..+2     +1     Vitality
Tactics               3.+10     +2     Intellect
Tenacity              1..+2     +1     Willpower
Throwing              1..+2     +1     Agility

Total Spec Points Required: 1 Int, 1 Agi, 1 Will, 1 Ego, and 1 Per

Important note: Hawkmen get no quickness access. However, they do get 2 access to both Centering and Equilibrium.

Affilation Information

Hawkmen are Guards and therefore are incompatible with Outlaw and Wanderer affiliations. (This precludes many guilds and associations so double-check compatibles before you create an incarnoi!)

Additionally, Hawkmen can't join Ordo Verbus Glacialis b/c they exclude Guards.

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