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I'm Kilelen. I bounce around alot. Sometimes I'm hyper, other times I'm goofy, and occasionally I'm both. Other times I'm quiet. I bounce around on various characters alot, with a slight preference for Erisian guilds, because, you know, she's all hot. I'm also a perma-noob. I do my best to archive all the advice people offer to me and post it at Newbie Ramblings in the hopes that some of this stuff won't have to be repeated too often. I also contribute zmud scripts when it crosses my mind to do so. I'm seriously considering switching to TinyFugue, because of the ability to screen the session, allowing for de/re-attachment, so I can play on the same session from home and from the local college, where I attend classes. This is my last semester there.

I run Kilelen, a half-elf POEE, who I don't play very much really. The constant shifting of alignment to keep Inana up gets a bit rough. It's my opinion that it could use a little tweak down on the amount of time between losses without alignment changes.

My current favorite is Mukti, a drow Ringwielder. Got him into Weapons of Vengeance, thanks to the help of Morality. Thanks Morality! Also managed to kick the poop outta Kerberos one, two, three count times, winning myself passage to the Nexus on my own. Very happy about that.

Mukti is now my very first, very own hero, rawr! Tomorrow the world!


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