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Ryal is the atman of:

Leolla Vetiusson-- Level 55 fiesty Heroic faerie ELF, often accompanied by a horde of followers. Self-made victim of the Deck of Changes. Kids, don't try giving yourself huge, permanent negative stat penalties at home. She's a whole lot of fun...(Hastuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...). Authoress of some hopefully educational and funny stuff. I'll remade her; she's languishing at like, level 17 at the moment. Since I totally forgot what on earth I was trying to accomplish with her, I'll probably remake her again. For the Fifth time; Sacred Chao, yo.

Relative Morality -- a Legendary (Level 101) Shadowmyrker Nyloc Ringwielder replacement for the former Vested Interest (get the best-named Jinxian Plutocrat ever, now -- name's up for grabs!). I've always liked nylocs, and created her to see if I could make one work. Well, I managed to hit legend, (my first since Ryal), so I guess that's a "yes". He's really playing to my strengths anyway, I'm not so good at figuring out the fighty, more so good at figuring out the special powers and defenses..

Gwil ont Durad -- a dwarven Battlerager. He's level 30 and dies, alot. Whole lots. He's still a damage sponge, even with good armour. I'll probably never figure out "the trick" to this one. (Group with a healer? Playing with an Elflord worked...)

Zabyos Vetiusson, Level 23 neuter Freeholder fomor Reaper and Discordian Legionnaire -- he's just got the quickness skull. He's really, really brutal toe-to-toe, but I'm having a hard time making that jump from "easy fight" to hard/hard fight.

Ryal Vetiusson, Level 14 male Avalonian human Knight of the Round Table and Summachos of the Pantarchic Church of Yehovah. Ryal lives again! He's climbing his way (okay, crawling his way) up. It's amazing how in full plate with self-healing powers he STILL dies more easily than all my other characters. I got killed in 3 rounds by a mounted sentry......

Kytkata, Level 9 female Almerian wildling faerie Aisenshi. She's my current 'experiment'. I'm going for a massive amount of dex to try out a 'light fighter'. It may very well turn out that I'll need to swap her to a different guild later but she's doing pretty good so far.

== As for me?

I've been playing for quite some time, around 1995-6 if I had to guess? I take big long spells away. I prefer to just try things out rather than be flat out told...perhaps that makes me stubborn. I'm more than willing to speculate on how something appears to work -- it doesn't mean I have any inside track on knowledge.

My main character for the longest time was Ryal, a human who made it to some high level and was in just about every guild and association and had just about every skill I could choke down.

I enjoy trying to find out things for myself, often with mixed results:

[OOC Chaos] fyi leolla, it may possibly strike you as adding insult to injury to tell you this now, but you don't necessarily have to get the acid from tiamat any more
[OOC Leolla] ahhh lol
[OOC Leolla] nah, that's a good tip
[OOC Chaos] kay :)
[OOC Incendiary] Hell, i thought you were talking about LSD
[OOC Leolla] thanks, I was still cycling through breath weapons
[OOC Chaos] hahaha
[OOC Fezzik] But she looked good in ribbons...
[OOC Leolla] hahaha
[OOC Chaos] zomg fezzik
[OOC Chaos] incen: i was tipped off by the five or six death notifies

Fezzik rules.

Although I didn't ask for it or had any idea it was coming, one of the Grinning Cat Eatery folks has my real life name, and the description is me. Ooo, trivia!

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