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Ordo Maleficus is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

This guild has been decommissioned as of change 5706.

From Domitian the presbyter of Cianna to His most cherished defender, Maximian, Lord of the Lands of Melk. May our Father's glory continue to shine upon your successes and bring to your domains the radiant Truth of the Word. It has been four months since your loyal servant has received your letter on the matter of the malady. In this time, I am sad to relate, I have found little in the works of Anotolia with which to allay your fears.

I am perplexed by the list of symptoms you have provided and can only surmise that they are demonic in origin. It is noted in one our most reliable sources, the Malleus Maleficarum, that such afflictions of which have taken hold of your most Holy person stem not from the will of the Father, but from some dirty, unsavory rites of a group known among us as the malefici.

It is with great trepidation that I now tell you of them, for long ago it was decided that their name would never be spoken by man, lest they receive from the mere invocation even more power over us.

This blasphemous group arose from the heartland of Almeria well over a century ago. They profess to idolize the despicable Adversary and I am told they carry out the most vile acts in his name. Among their crimes, many of which I could not bring myself to repeat, fall incestuous orgies, copulation with demons and perhaps the most vile of all, the perversion of His most revered sacraments during their dark rites.

It is among these foul abominations that you must seek the cause of your affliction, for it is known that they spread disease and sickness as the wind spreads the breath of life. But be wary, for the one who has harmed you so, is among your most trusted. This alone is how the devil was able to obtain the necessary articles for this heinous curse.

I have taken the liberty of dispatching a letter to Cardinal Bergold and I am told that he alone is expert at finding where the nefarious malefici lurk in their guise of piety. In the interim, it would be most benificial to obtain from the Patriarch of Melk the ritual of purification to forstall the spread of this dark malady.

May you never fall from the love of our most Holy Father. Domitian, presbyter of Cianna.

Letter from the presbyter Domitian to the Prefect of Melk.

The Ordo Maleficus are a dark, secretive group who have abandoned the worship of Adonai for the favor granted through worship of the Adversary. Deriving their powers from a blend of folk religion and direct invocation of their patron, Samael, the order stands in direct opposition to the faithful of Adonai. For this reason, they practice their foul rites in secret, behind the veil of night, away from the grasp of the inquisition whose sole function is to stamp out their existence through extreme violence.

As a maleficus, you have decided to forsake the salvation promised by Adonai for the immediate powers gained from service to the Adversary.

See Also: hierarchy, blood.

There have been rumors circulating of late of a cursed hut that skulks about in the northern Forests of Almeria. Surely, there must be some wickedness afoot!

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