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Trainers - Ordo Maleficus is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

Lysolian Sez ...

One of the best things you can do if you are in this guild is to set your spells up to triggers/macros. This cuts down a lot of typos of the long spell names.

Also, seek out instructors. We have some odd skills that aren't taught in a lot of places. Our best instructors are Antonina (who is often in far-off planes), and Babbi Yagga. We can also learn a lot from Helborg, Mok, Norij, and Bercilak.

It also helps to have blood foci. Every blood focus we carry boosts our favour, which increases our spell potency. Here's a list of things that I have found raises favour. Shrunken heads our guild athame (wielded boosts even more) armour enchanted by a reaper the chalice from Bishop Rordigan -- This actually reduces favour, but is indeed a good blood focus. The Horn of Calais from Bartziluth's horde the eyestalk that Antonina wears

Babbi Yagga - centering, channeling, enchantment, invocation, the Latin language, legerdemain, nigromancy, prestidigitation, sanguimancy, and vitamancy

Antonina - Channeling, Enchanting, Invocation, Nigromancy, Legedermain, Prestidigitation, Antonina - Wanders

Bercilak - Invocation - Green Chapel (18,24) indown, 4n, nw, 5n

Miss Chalosia - Literacy - Yathryn (Drow City 2,35)

Clyde - Enchanting - Wanders

Erasmus - Centering, Channeling - Discordia (20,37) Above Luc's

Helborg - Latin, Literacy, Sanguimancy, Unholy Taint, Nigromancy, Necromancy, Invocation - Darkhold (21,-39) Climb up rope, fly up rope. 5N, E, 5N, Up, S, W, 3S, 2E

    • Some of this can just be run through without fighting, but there are one or two spots that you have to fight the guards to get through the doorway, so be careful!
    • "Teach me Sanguimancy, Nigromancy, Necromancy, Invocation
    • "Enhance my unholy taint
I suggest not training Latin or Literacy with Helborg if you have a hard time getting to him often as you can learn Latin and Literacy elsewhere. It is more efficient to train and enhance the two above lists. -Spector
Personally I would not suggest training with Helborg for Ordo Guild skills, while he does train them and is the most 'consistently' accessible one, his training amount per gold is pitiful compared to Antonina and Mok. -Mitya

Hester - Literacy - Losthaven (9,19)

Janid Suzak - Latin, Literacy - Wanders

Keiko - Daemonology, Invocation - Temple Bloodmoon

Ijara - Literacy - Mycenae (27,2)

Lothuial - Literacy - Valathyr (4,29)

Malaclypse the Younger - Channeling, Invocation - Discordia (20,37)

Miss Amelia - Literacy, Latin - Losthaven (8,19)

Miss Carline - Latin - Stillwater (15,16)

Mok - Necromancy, Nigromancy - Wanders

Morin - Literacy - Kolond

Phyrra - Necromancy, Invocation - Devonshire

Ra Taga - Literacy - WSP, 2N, 10W, NI, D, N, W, S, W

Shayla - Litearcy - Shakari

Trandrelim - Latin - Ivory Tower (-12,27)

Veteran - Centering, Channeling - Wandering

S'serinath - Enchanting, Invocation

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