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Ordo Maleficus Powers is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

Initiates of the Ordo Maleficus possess a large array of different abilities. These abilities range from curses, to attack invocations, to the binding of unholy power to form enhancements. Below are descriptions of the different categories and the names of the powers that fall within.

The dark power granted to a witch through the invocation of Samael has been known to produce lasting, debilitating effects upon their chosen victims. These effects are known simply as curses.


  • Description: The most common curse available to the witch, molestia, can be employed to cause a wasting disease known as pox, or a debilitating clumsiness known as hex.
  • Blood Component: common
  • Verbal Component: molestia <target> <type>
  • Special Component: none

Oculus Malum

  • Description: An insidious curse known as the Evil Eye. It has been known to cause grievous injury and even death.
  • Blood Component: rare
  • Verbal Component: oculus malum <target>
  • Special Component: none


  • Description: This curse radically speeds up the victim's metabolism, causing a great strain on their vitality.
  • Blood Component: faerie
  • Verbal Component: crudelis <target>
  • Special Component: none
  • Note: Appears to have at least some temporal element, as it staggers races which are vulnerable to temporal damage (such as ogres, orcs, goblinoids, etc...)


  • Description: A curse that significantly afflicts a victim's mobility.
  • Blood Component: very unusual
  • Verbal Component: impedimentum <target>
  • Special Component: none


  • Description: The victim of this curse looses the power of speech.
  • Blood Component: unusual
  • Verbal Component: tetanus <target>
  • Special Component: none

Samael may also be invoked to cause instantaneous debilitating effects. These effects manifest as ravaging attack spells.


  • Description: This spell causes a bolt of unholy energy to strike an intended victim.
  • Blood Component: very common
  • Verbal Component: enervare <target>
  • Special Component: none

Mons Flammas Eructans

  • Description: This invocation opens a portal directly to Samael's domain. It manifests as a terrific fissure that continually belches out molten rock and choking gasses until the power of the spell plays itself out. Only the strongest of witches are able to call on Samael in this manner.
  • Blood Component: angel, dragon, and chimera
  • Verbal Component: mons flammas eructans
  • Special Component: none


  • Description: Blasts the victim with unholy energies.
  • Blood Component: unusual
  • Verbal Component: vastare <target>
  • Special Component: none


  • Description: Summons a vortex of power known as the infernal tempest. These vortices seem almost sentient in their hunger for magical energy.
  • Blood Component: dragon and unicorn
  • Verbal Component: tempestas
  • Special Component: none

It is also possible to bind the power invoked through Samael into enhancements that help to empower the witch.


  • Description: Fortifies the witch physically and mentally.
  • Blood Component: unusual
  • Verbal Component: fortitudo
  • Special Component: none

Conligatio Fascinum

  • Description: The power to bind the unholy forces of Samael's domain into a protective aura. This aura is energized by attacks originating from the Abyss and from the Plane of Entropy, but can be destroyed by contact with holy energies. The most powerful of these auras has been known to save one's life; though the nature of this power is unreliable at best.
  • Blood Component: very unusual
  • Verbal Component: conligatio fascinum
  • Special Component: none


  • Description: Increases a witches general awareness.
  • Blood Component: unusual
  • Verbal Component: novisse
  • Special Component: none


  • Description: Gifts the witch with the ability to fly.
  • Blood Component: very unusual
  • Verbal Component: musca
  • Special Component: none


  • Description: Allows the witch to see in the dark.
  • Blood Component: owl
  • Verbal Component: visus
  • Special Component: none

Invocare Praesidium

  • Description: This invocation causes the power of Samael to enter the witches form, significantly increasing the effect of their spells.
  • Blood Component: very exotic
  • Verbal Component: invocare praesidium
  • Special Component: none

Sub Oculos

  • Description: Allows the witch to become invisible.
  • Blood Component: exotic
  • Verbal Component: sub oculos
  • Special Component: none

Finally, there are manners in which the dark powers may be bound which fall outside of the three main categories. These abilities are largely utilitarian in nature.


  • Description: The ability to corrupt the remains of recently deceased matter; feeding any remaining energy into the witch.
  • Blood Component: none
  • Verbal Component: corrumpere
  • Special Component: none

Corrugo Capitum

  • Description: Infuses a severed head with Samael's power, shrinking it into a hideously preserved form and, if the head is one of a race with blood in its veins, making of it a blood focus which retains its power through considerably more use than ordinary blood in one's pouch.
  • Blood Component: exotic
  • Verbal Component: corrugo capitum
  • Special Component: A severed head


  • Description: Allows for the manipulation of the entropic energy within another. For those who are mortal, the effect has been known to cure wounds, but for those afflicted with undeath, it has a far less positive effect.
  • Blood Component: very common
  • Verbal Component: sanitas <target>
  • Special Component: none
  • Note: Causes extropic damage to undead creatures and heals the witch at the same time.


  • Description: Allows a witch to cancel some of the permanent bindings affecting them; including conligatio fascinum, visus, musca, sub oculos, and tempestas.
  • Blood Component: none
  • Verbal Component: solvere <spell>
  • Special Component: none


  • Description: The ability to transform a mundane iron knife into a ritualistic focus for invoking Samael.
  • Blood Component: dwarf
  • Verbal Component: fabricari
  • Special Component: A mundane iron knife


  • Description: A direct invocation to Samael that allows a witch to return to the land of the living after a premature demise.
  • Blood Component: none
  • Verbal Component: reverti
  • Special Component: none


  • Description: Teleports the witch to Babbi Yagga's Hut.
  • Blood Component: rare
  • Verbal Component: transversus
  • Special Component: none

When used in concert, the combined ability set of the Ordo Maleficus can easily overpower weaker foes while significantly hindering the more powerful. To activate the abilities, the witch merely needs to whisper the verbal component to Samael.

Suggested Ordo Maleficus Aliases

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