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Blood (Ordo Maleficus) is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

Food for thought.
Food for thought.

The nature of blood is such that it carries the fractured essence of the entity from which it was spilled. The greater the power of the entity, the greater this fractured essence. As such, blood is the most essential component of any invocation of Samael. By focusing one's own spirit through the essence of another living being, Adonai's law is profaned and Samael, in turn, is quite pleased.

Each particular invocation has its own unique blood requirement which must be met before the invocation can succeed. For most, it is a matter of finding a variety of blood of a specific degree of rarity or higher. For others, however, the witch is called upon to find the blood of a particular entity.

To accomplish this, the witch requires a blood focus; an arcane device employed to draw the power out of fresh blood. These foci vary in form and function. Most preserve blood for as long as they can, but are powerless to cease the natural decay. Some, however, are able to maintain the integrity of the blood within, as well as refortify it. These foci are the most sought by the Ordo Maleficus and are prizes of great value.

Every witch, upon initiation into the Ordo Maleficus, is given a simple blood focus which they are able to fill from the bodies of the slain. Though this focus is unable to maintain the integrity of the blood within for prolonged periods of time, it is, nevertheless, useful to have on hand.

A witch may evaluate the blood of a race to determine its associated properties. Usage: evaluate <race>.

For a list of blood types by rarity, see blood types.

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