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Iaocia is a strange underground laboratory built on the northeastern forests of Almeria; most of this subterranean lab is hidden deep beneath Visigonian soil. The fact that this below-ground laboratory was built in Visigonia, one of the most deserted regions in all of Almeria, makes one wonder what sort of shady things are taking place in this most secretive of places.

Though the guards do a good job of keeping dangers out, one should be careful, espcially in areas past the gates, keep an eye out for anything small and skittery, and find a source of disease curing if something matching that description dies around you. Otherwise the place is pretty safe.



Iaocia is located at (12, 5, 1) in Visigonia (Global: (93, 86, 1))

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Lerita, normally in the Meeting room (5, 0, 2)
  • Caminy, the morgue attendant. Collects samples and sells formaldehyde.

Expert Trainers

(These Trainers require unlocking via Lerita)

A drow contracted from Yathryn to assist in magical procedures. He can train you in obscure arcane disciplines, and associated practices. He shares a laboratory with one of his fellow drow inside the secure portion of the compound.

Rodastian asserts, = I can provide instruction in alchemy, arcane lore,
centering, channeling, dancing, kineturgy, legend lore, meditation,
prestidigitation, rune lore, and viturgy. = to you in Zadjalin.

Chad Yewskin is our mercenary expert on combat and weaponry. He is stationed inside the gate to the mine. Under his guidance, you can learn the use of many weapons, combat techniques, and advanced weapon knowledge.

Dolhand Swarre is our contracted prison superintendent. He spends his time in the guard post, inside the gate to the mine and through the other gate to the east. He's an old timer, and you can learn many useful things from him, thanks to all of his past vocations.

I can provide instruction in brawling, dirty fighting, killer instinct,
martial arts, masonry, the dealing of massive blows  resilience,
the use of the shield, steadiness, unarmed combat, and wrestling.

Perle Nilley is a former miner who survived an encounter with the creatures beneath the caves. She now works as an adviser. You can usually find her in the meeting room, arguing over our future plans, as is her job. She can impart knowledge from her former position as a miner, such as skills for cave survival, and knowledge of what to look for.

Provides instruction in balance, blindfighting, breath control, courage, digging, gem lore, hardiness, the ability to make a massive exertion, mineral lore, the ability to make a precision strike, and tumbling.

Doala le Woxxes is a contracted guide skilled in mountain and cave exploration. She can train you in being a solid explorer. You can find her wandering the residential portion of the compound.

Our veteran medical professional. He can teach you many techniques and procedures used in the medical practice. He is located in his laboratory, within the secure portion of the compound.

   Swarn says, = I can provide instruction in anatomy, barbery, biology, biophrasty, 
   the art of calligraphy, diagnosis,entomophrasty, first aid, homeopathy, insect 
   lore, leeching, and suturing. = to you.

The Enemies

  • The face-smotherer
  This is an iaoxling covered in pale yellow flesh.  Its ridged, elongated tail weaves to
andvfro like a serpent crawling. Its long, finger-like digits are reminiscent of spider's
legs. It has two rear lung sacs, each on either side of the base of its tail, which
expand and contract together as the creature breathes.  From above the creature resembles
a giant scorpion, whereas from the side it seems more like a crustacean.  You recognize
this as an iaoxling, part of a deadly hive species of predatory killers.
 It has a few thin streamers of churning sickly haze and a tracery of sparkling light
within and around it.  
  It looks about five and seven tenths dimins tall, one and four fifths dimins wide,
and nine twentieths of a dimin front to back.

These creatures, while very weak, have the ability to implant an embryo into your stomach with one of its special attacks. If it succeeds, you're going to die, there is no saving you from this fate as far as I'm aware. In a few hours time, a chest-burster will kill you.

(I've been told a cure disease form Phyrra will abort the egg but I'm not willing to test it. Likely will since symbol of Mithras atop the mansion in Thessalae, which cures diseases/plague, expels the egg.)

I've been told that full face protection can help protect you from this but i have no evidence to back it.

Attempts at consuming an egg will cause the egg to burst open and release a chestburster, though it will not immediately attack you.

A good indicator you're in trouble is if the iaoxling immediately dies after hitting you, as that's the indicator that you've been implanted, and it'd be a good time to find a healer that can cure disease. -Xaolyn

  • The drone
  This is an iaoxi with an intimidating exterior of metallic dark red bone.  Its large,
elongated head has a vaguely phallic resemblance, being smooth and without feature other
than bottom-ridges and jaws lined with shiny teeth.  It has no visible organs for sight or
hearing.  Tube-like protrusions in its exoskeleton run all over its body, and nearly straight
bone-like tubes rise out of its back.  Its waist is narrow and tapered.  Its digits are
finger-like, but end in vicious claws.  It also sports a bony, ridged tail with a prodigious
barb on the end.  You recognize this as an iaoxi, part of a deadly hive species of predatory
 It is permeated by a haze of lurid greenness.  It has a few thin streamers of churning sickly
haze and a webwork of sparkling light within and around it.  
  It looks about twenty dimins tall, six and three tenths dimins wide, and one and three fifths
dimins front to back.

Very durable enemy, shoots acid, and is weak against air, fire, and force damage.

  • The Queen
  This is an iaorexi with an intimidating exterior of copper bone.  Her large, elongated head
bears an enormous bony crest that protects the creature like a giant plate of armor.  Receding
in and sometimes emerging to make an appearance is her actual head which bears a massive set of
perfectly articulated enormous fangs.  Her features are smooth and she bears no visible organs
for sight or hearing.  Jagged protrusions in her exoskeleton run all over her body, and
perfectly straight bone tubes shaped like giant spikes rise out of her back.  She has large,
muscular hips to support her massive girth, and she leans forward to balance her weight.  The
digits on her hands are elongated muscular fingers tipped with vicious claws, equipping her four
bony arms with deadly weapons.  A reticulated bony tail -- like a spinal column, but splayed
outward into sharp ridges -- stretches far beyond the reach of her arms.  She uses her tail both
for balance and to impale prey with killer speed and precision with a giant harpoon-like barb on
the end.  You recognize this as an iaorexi, egg-layer of a deadly hive species of predatory
 She is permeated by a thick, intense field of lurid greenness and a dim sparkling light.
See has a webwork of churning sickly haze within and around her.  
  She looks about sixty-two and a half dimins tall, nineteen and a half dimins wide, and four
and nine tenths dimins front to back.

Extremely tough, has a low dodge rating, typical for something this large, shoots for massive acid damage and, like the drones, is weak to force and air, and fire damage.

Notable Attractions

  • Egg room (-1, 2, -5)
  • Morgue (-8, -4, 2)
  • Weapons dealer (2, -2, 2)
  • Meeting room (5, 0, 2)
  • Recovery room (and drug store) (-8, -1, 2)
  • Snerr's Supplies (-3, -5, 2)
  • Chapel (-4, -1, 2)
  • Private Lounge (8, -1, 2)
  • Private Restaurant (8, -3, 2)
  • Mess Hall (-2, -4, 2)
  • the Drinking Hole (6, -5, 2)


  • Area alignment:


by Kenobi
End of spoiler information.
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