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Location: Iaocia

Occupation: Sundown CEO


   This is a short, slender female human with fiery hair, fiery skin, and fiery
eyes that seem preoccupied.  You recognize her as Lerita Pwuyn Coyand, the chairwoman
of the company she started and named herself.  Known for her avarice, it
surprised no one when Lerita decided to personally oversee mining operations on
the land she staked her claim to.  Even when the trouble began with miners dying,
Lerita stood her ground and made deals and contracts to better secure her newfound
source of wealth.  She is permeated by a haze of shimmering indigo haze and
a dim fiery radiance.  She has a webwork of sparkling light within and around her.
   She looks about eighteen dimins tall, five and thirteen twentieths dimins wide,
and one and two fifths dimins front to back.
   She is in good shape.
   She wears a tweed business suit on her body, a pair of orange leather high heels
on her feet, a green-chrysoberyl-set copper greater ring of fire infusion on
her left hand, and a sardonyx-set pewter great ring of entropy infusion on her
right hand.  She has a gold diamond earring in her ear.


   If you'd like to become employed by Lerita's company, just say: "I want to work
for Sundown Ventures."  If you're already an employee, and want to learn about
compensation, say: "What forms of compensation are available?"  If you want to
know how many company credits you have, say: "How many company credits do I have?" 
If you want to quit, say: "I quit from Sundown Ventures."   Her limbs are named 
head, chest, right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg,
right foot, and left foot.  Lerita was created by Lull; the source code was last
updated Fri Jan 11 18:17:18 2013.  The human race was created by Lost Souls;
the source code was last updated Fri Oct 18 15:48:27 2013.


  • Usually in the meeting room at (5, 0, 2).
  • Grants access to secure wing for 10,000 company credits.
  • Grants access to specified trainers for 10,000 credits.
  • Will not let you change your trainer for 3 weeks once you've paid.
You ask, ->) What forms of compensation are available? (<- 

    Lerita says, = Ask me to tell you about one of the following: Upgrading access, expert
training, and miscellaneous frills. = in Anglic.
You say, ->) tell me about upgrading access (<- 

    Lerita says, = You can pay ten thousand company credits in order to have access to the secure
portion of the compound. Your dedication in bringing us creature samples from the cave system
beneath the mine will have proven that you are ready to be allowed in there. If you want to upgrade
your access now, just tell me so. = in Anglic.
You say, ->) Tell me about expert training (<- 

    Lerita says, = You can pay ten thousand company credits in order to have access to one of our
resident experts' assistance with training valuable job skills. You can only have access to one of
our experts at a time. Our experts are Chad, Dolhand, Perle, Doala, Swarn, and Rodastian. If you
want to know more about an expert, just ask me to tell you about them. If you want to select an
expert for training, just tell me that you want to train with them. = in Anglic.
You say, ->) tell me about miscellaneous frills (<- 

    Lerita says, = You can spend your company credits at the weapons surplus reserve. You probably
passed it by on the way in to the business complex here. = in Anglic.
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