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The Ygellethites are drow who hold to the true worship of Ygelleth, Demon Queen of Spiders.

Ygellethites have a communication channel accessed using the commands 'ygellethites' and 'assoc'.

Restrictions and Requirements

  • You must be a race race favoured by the Demon Queen of Spiders, drochnei, drow, rachnei.
  • Ygellethies are required to specialize in theology


Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.
  • Kill several members of the Ghaunadaur (4 priests didn't work, but 6 did)
  • Get to Saruezzta's room - a secret area behind the bar in the Venomed Blade Tavern in Yathryn (search the bar when Kajax the bartender is not in the room, for whatever reason, or say 'I stand with Ygelleth' in zadjalin)
  • say I wish to devote myself to Ygelleth to Saruezzta in Zadjalin
Saruezzta asserts, <| Ahh, I can sense the slaughter of Ghaunadauri fresh upon you, drow. Delicious. 
 I am pleased to welcome you to Ygelleth's service. |>

Saruezzta produces a small jar of black liquid and dips two of her fingers in it and lightly daubs lines 
 of the liquid on your cheeks. Saruezzta purports, <| O Ygelleth, Demon Queen of Spiders, Great Mother of
 the Drow, accept this postulant as one of your own! |>

The liquid burns slightly on your cheeks for a moment, then the sensation fades. Saruezzta smiles.

You are now a first-degree specialist in theology.

Specialty Access granted:

  • Arcane Lore +2
  • Concentration +1
  • Daemonology +2
  • Dazask +2
  • Insect Lore +2
  • Intimidation +2
  • Manipulation +2
  • Poison Affinity +5
  • Poison Lore +2
  • Politics +2
  • Spelunking +2
  • Theology +3 (1 Required)
  • Torture +2
  • Unholy Taint +4
End of spoiler information.


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