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Ollin Tonatiuh, the Sun's Movement, is the order of lay worshippers of Tonatiuh, the lord of the sun.
A member is called an Ol Tonatiuh.
Ollin Tonatiuh has a communication channel accessed using the commands 'tonatiuh' and 'assoc'.
  • Ollin Tonatiuh can use Nezcaluca as a trainer.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Specialty Details

 Min  Max  Bon  Specialties
 1   +3        Anatomy
     +3        Cosmology
     +2        Finance
     +3        Heat tolerance
 1   +3        Light affinity
     +3        Discipline
     +2        Intimidation
 1   +3        Theology
 1   +3        Qlippotic Affinity
     +3        Fire Affinity
     +1        Torture

Forbids specializing in Empathy past the first degree


Favour in the eyes of Tonatiuh comes from the supply of fresh hearts. These must be cut from corpses and then carried to the top of his temple. To offer them, place them in the bowl.

Hearts can be offered in groups by placing them in at the same time.

The value of a sacrifice is based on the creature the heart came from. Use anything less then an intelligent creature, and Tonatiuh will be displeased with your efforts.

Sacrifice enough, and Tonatiuh himself will appear, and shower you with gold. He will also rejuvenate your body, reducing your need to eat. He may give equipment as well. If he does appear, it is wise to be respectful and avert your eyes from his godly form.


Not compatible with hedonist affiliations, Ringwielders and the Agnihotri.

End of spoiler information.
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