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You experience feelings of patience, stoicism, and awareness.
You experience visions of an ocean of chaos and a sphere made of six parts.


Bonding Requirements

Cosmology skill greater than 100. (Also bonded one with 40 Cosmology and way too many skills to narrow down.)


Skill Effects






  • Standard Charms
  • Social Charms
  • Soverign over their own kind


Strength, Intelligence, Constitution, Willpower


Attacks follow standard mechanics when determining attack and damage ratings. They use Evocation now, as they used to use Telesma. You can still use your attacks if your familiar is dead or not in the room.

The base attacks provide attribute and resistance boosts on each strike. These bonuses are not trivial over long fights, but they do fade very quickly. You might want to alter normal tactics of aiming for vitals/critical limbs if you are expecting longer term combat. An example of a fight with a couple Storm Walkers that I intentionally drew out with non-critical aim lead to

| Intelligence  Amazing       [ 160 ]  Unearthly   [ 475 ] |
| Constitution  Decent        [  60 ]  Unearthly   [ 371 ] |
| Charisma      Superior      [ 100 ]  Unearthly   [ 320 ] |

Note that I only have the first three at this point.

  • Gains "Thera" attack at around very frail. "Strike at an opponent with the edge of one's hand bringing with it flame."
    • Temporary boost to CHA and water resistance
You chop at Birish with your right hand and roast his chest with your leather dactid.
  • Gains "Lowber" attack at around fairly healthy. " Thrust one's palm into one's opponent, channeling planar energies captures by previous six attacks -- if executed in the right combination -- into an explosion." K-K-K-K-K-K-KOMBO BREAKER!!!
  • Gained "Ladu" attack at around robust. "Strike at an opponent with the front of one's fist as the very earth."
    • Temporary boost to CON + air resistance(?)
You form your right hand into a fist and send a firm jab at Tagoth, connect precisely and crush Tagoth's chest
like an avalanche with your leather dactid, despite her attempt to dodge.
  • Gained "Ludus" attack at around late resilient. " Kick at an opponent with one's left knee bringing death and stillness."
    • Temporary boost to INT + extropy resistance(?)
You thrust the knee of your left leg at Vikith, connect with remarkable precision and suck the life from Vikith's
chest with the left legging of your pair of brown linen pants, despite his attempt to parry it with his iron
  • Gained "Greetho" attack at around early very deep. " Kick at an opponent with the edge of one's toes carrying with them the wind."
    • Temporary boost to DEX
You swing your left foot straight into Tiklink, connect with remarkable precision and rip into Tiklink's head
like a tornado.
  • Gained "Dolimi" attack at late intimate. "Kick at an opponent with one's knee, swift and energized."
    • Temporary boost to WIL
You lift the knee of your right leg towards Bariln and blast his head full of pure energy with the right legging
of your pair of brown linen pants, despite his attempt to parry it with his brass knuckle-duster.
  • Gained "Skei" attack at complete. "Kick at an opponent with the heel of one's foot crashing down like a wave."
    • Temporary boost to STR
You quickly bring your left foot up and then down towards Lilyaliet and deluge her head, despite her attempt to
parry it with her brass knuckle-duster.

Amalgam Combinations

Shlyma consorts get bond attacks for every basic element (fire, earth, air, water) and the two pole elements (entropy and extropy). Using these attacks in combinations of six and ending with the lowber attack causes an area attack for the amalgam that would be created from your combination. You may also use an element or one of the two poles individually six times before lowber to create an area attack of the base element. Here's a list of combinations for ease of use - Telurel, January 2, 2014:

Please see the page on the current Hylocosmic Model for amalgam details.

Bond Strength For Which the Above Information is Current


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