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The hylocosm is a representation of the four basic elemental energies, and the primordial energies, and how they combine on a metaphysical level to make amalgmal energies. These behave as "sub-elements", and are otherwise distinct from the energies that birthed them. Therefore while metal, for instance, is a combination of fire, earth, and extropy, doing a damage combination or otherwise doing stuff with a combination of those damage types or energies is not equal to this.

Crystal  Metal    Heat      Light     Lightning  Thunder  Ooze   Acid
Earth    Magma    Fire      Smoke     Air        Mist     Water  Mud
Eskara   Stone    Ash       Darkness  Void       Cold     Ice    Alkali

Fire, air, water, and earth are base elements, and combine with their neighboring elements to make first order amalgms: Smoke, mist, mud, and magma.

The base elements combine with a primordial energy polarity, either extropy, or entropy to make second order amalgms: Light, darkness, lightning, void, ooze, ice, crystal, and eskara.

Two base elements combine with a primordial energy polarity to make third order amalgms, and otherwise don't incorporate the first, or second order amalgms: Heat, cold, thunder, stone, acid, alkali, metal, and ash.

All four basic elements, plus both primordial energy polarities combine to make the one fourth order amalgm: shadow.

Confusingly enough, the elements aren't always positioned to where antagonistic energies are directly competing. For instance, heat's opposite is cold, not ash. Which makes this map partially pointless! Yay!

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