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Planes, Energies, and Damage Types

The Hylocosmic Model defines the elemental, polar, and amalgamal planes. These all have directly corresponding energy and damage types of the same name, and this system is covered in some depth elsewhere on this wiki. I will note that polar consists of entropy and extropy.

Extending this to cover the rest of the base damage types is the Paracosmic Model. Note that although the Hylocosmic Model uses the same names between energies and damage types, energies and damage types in the Paracosmic Model may not even have direct counterpart energies/damage types, much less the same names.

Kinetic & Biological Damage, Internal & Experiential Energies

The damage dealt by most mundane weapons is the kinetic class of damage, covering cutting, piercing, crushing, and force. Constriction, biting and clawing may also me damage types in this category, or cases of the previously mentioned types.

There is also the biological class of damage, which covers disease, poison, temporal, and shock(blood drain) damage. Neither kinetic nor biological damage types have associated planes or energies. Instead, living creatures have Internal and Experiential energies: Metabolic(endurance), Intellectual, Emotive, and Creative for the former; Antagonistic(Anger), Phobic(Fear), Algetic(Pain), and Hedonic(Pleasure) for the latter. And yes, the Experiential energies are emotions; however, emotive energy is not consumed to increase the experiential energies.

Mana Damage & Energies, Abstract Planes

The Mana class of damage types is associated with the Abstract planes, and consists of goetic, spirit, and magick energy and damage.Despite being common to the majority of incarnoi, spiritual energy is not classified as Internal, and indeed there exists the condition of Spiritual Disjunction, which is defined as the lack of a spiritual connection to the world around one, and prevents those with such a trait from recovering spiritual energy.

Axiomatic Damage

Axiomatic damage types have no (known) associated planes, and consist of divine damage; primal damage, and dream damage.

Cardinal Planes, Energies, and Damage

Cardinal energies and damage types are associated with the cardinal planes: Sephirotic(Good), Qlippotic(Evil), Chaos, and Order

Psionic Damage and Vril Energy

Finally, psionic is its own damage type, and the associated energy is known as vril. However, reserves of vril energy have never been seen; psychic attacks generally use the emotive, creative, or intellectual energies.

This information is courtesy of Fate for the official damage classes, and how they relate to planes and energy types.

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