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This is a spherical region of opalescent indigo darkness that pulses in a
slow, menacing pattern.  You recognize this as an cadagion, a kind of energy
being composed of entropic power.  Ordinary weapons do them little harm, and
they are capable of using the kinder emotions of their attackers against them. 
It sparkles with a miniscule faintly shimmering opalescent indigo dweomer
aura.  It appears to be composed of a few thin streamers of darkness and a few
thin wisps of shadow.  It has a webwork of sparkling light within and around
it.  It looks about two fifths of a dimin across.  It is in good shape.  Its
movements are very quick.

Unidentified, it looks like 'a shadow'

Bonding Requirements

35 points in intimidation

Bond Failure

You sense a slow hunger that quickly turns into disgust emanating from the
shadow, as if it was expecting to find a matching hunger from you that does
not exist.

Imagined Bond

You imagine forming an empathic bond with cadagion via archsymbiosis.
You imagine what it would be like to have a deep bond with the cadagion, and you feel a distinct echo from within it.
You experience feelings of envy, coldness, hunger, and covetousness.
You experience visions of devouring darkness.
You experience astral visions of flows of entropic energy.

Bond "Quirks"

  • Cadagion's do not register exploration when carried, this appears to be due to Paravision. This can possibly be a problem when taking them through dangerous new areas or into areas where following is problematic.
  • While there will eventually be an Ownership skill boost due to increased Spec Access, this will unfortunately not increase your Keep capacity.

Attribute Modifiers

Combat Bonuses

  • Adds Ownership to all attack, dodge and deflection ratings. ~3x at Complete
  • Adds Intimidation to damage ratings. ~3x at Complete


  • Negative Luminescence based on bond strength ~-10 at Complete
  • Positive Algopoeia based on bond strength ~10 at Complete
  • One point of Order Favour at the very start of "deep"

Esoteric Energies

  • Entropy

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Antagonism 16 37.5 + 5% base
Centering 16 37.5 + 5% base
Intimidation 16 37.5 + 5% base
Stamina 16 37.5 + 5% base
Torture 16 37.5 + 5% base
Concentration 15 37.5
Finance 12 30
Steadiness 12 30
Entropy Affinity 11 27.5
Thanaturgy 11 27.5
Exoma Fieldcraft 9 22.5
Enchantment 8 20
Ownership 8 20
Rhetoric 7 17.5
Metasenses 6 0
Psycholeptesis 6 0
Leadership 5 12.5
Flight 4 10
Tracking 4 10


Standard Charms

Social Charms

Energy Charms

Special Charms

Unique Charms

First, the ability to manifest a pair of dark gauntlets.  To do this, visualize
dark gauntlets gripping my hands.  To end the effects of this charm, visualize my
hands unbound.
  • Gives Strength Boost

This boost is 2 str per 1% of bond strength, but caps at 200 including buffs from other sources. Thus,
if you have 150 points of strength buff from another source, the gauntlets will never buff your str by
more than 50. You will also need to remove/reequip your gauntlets to have the strength buff update. -- Marcosy

The notes above were historically correct, but have since been changed regarding the current str buff. The new formula calculates a value between 15 and 50 to boost your str by, based on a number of factors. The info about the str cap should still be correct.

  • Vestimentum Nix - 90% Bond Strength Required
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Maneuvers/Special Attacks

All Maneuvers are only usable when wearing the Dark Gauntlets, and also use Entropic Energy.
Cascade of Darkfire is granted at 50%
Shadow Crush is granted at Complete bond strength.
  • Cascade of Darkfire (Maneuver) ~ 22 Base Activity
 137% Agility  
 137% Intellect
 27% Perception
 110% Thanaturgy
 110% Unarmed
 100% Brawling
 100% Martial Arts
 50% Antagonism
 110% Intellect
 100% Strength
 110% Thanaturgy
  • Shadow Crush (Maneuver) ~ 22 Base Activity
 247% Intellect  
 137% Agility
 27% Perception
 110% Lexiturgy
 110% Thanaturgy
 110% Unarmed
 100% Brawling
 100% Martial Arts
 50% Antagonism
 220% Intellect
 100% Strength
 110% Lexiturgy
 110% Thanaturgy
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